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Nice! I have done a similar trip 5 years ago. From Fethiye to Nev┼čehir is at least 13 hours by bus. If there are direct busses they are not very frequent. Anyway, it makes sense to split the trip! We went from Nev┼čehir to Fethiye via Konya and Antalya. To give you an order of magnitude of the legs: Fethiye - Antalya: 3 hours Antalya - Konya: 6 hours ...


Your reasoning is correct. Kayseri + rental car is the most convenient option. You have much more choice to and from Kayseri: better schedules and better prices, through competition. Moreover, the car rental facilities tend to be better at Kayseri. And it is not that further. Anyway, the drive is a quite relaxed one. Renting a car is definitely a ...


There are buses referred to in a similar question on TripAdvisor. I've looked at site the answer referred to and there is a bus from Fethiye to Goreme, which leaves at 16:00 and arrives there about 4:00, which seems to be the only one I could find. Once you are in Goreme, you might find a few other bus lines to take you around and to Istanbul but I wasn't ...


I faced this problem some time ago: one-way rental in Turkey. I started out with the obvious internaitonal rental companies, which usually have good networks, as well as some specialised. They were all quite expensive. Eventually I rented the car via a local travel agency, I found via TurkeyTravelPlanner. I was really happy about it. A good quality service ...


Overnight buses in Turkey run when the distance between the origin and destination is enough to allow a departure before midnight and an arrival after six in the morning. However, you don't get many six-hour routes that operate overnight. When a city is not the origin or destination, it is possible to find buses that pass through so that you get an ...


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SigueSigueBen's answer is mostly correct. Buses from Ankara to Goreme start running at 7.30am with a frequency of every two hours until 4.30pm, I think. However, there's an additional last bus now at 1.30am. Not sure which company it is with though.

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