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Find a web booking side that allows you to cancel a booking without paying a penalty (even if 72hr notice is needed). Then make say 21 SEPARATE bookings covering each night over the 3 weeks.


Hostels Find Another Guest to Replace You I was once in a similar situation: I booked a hostel for a week and had to leave after a few days. The hostel basically said they would refund the nights I did not spend there, if and only if they managed to find someone else to replace me. Luckily enough they did, and I got part of my money back. This is of ...


In theory if an airline (or anyone else) is unable to supply the services you paid for they should offer you the option of cancelling the entire trip for a full refund. As pnuts points out, this is written into your conditions of carriage. However pretty frequently airlines try to get you to keep some of trip and give you only a partial refund in order to ...


Canceling the application should be fine. Getting rejected is a problem, but a cancellation makes no difference either way. That said, since they're unlikely to refund you the application cost, I would just go ahead and get the visa. You never know when the next business trip will come along, and having one approved visa will make getting the next one ...

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