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A Schengen visa can be revoked. From the Schengen Visa Code: A visa shall be revoked where it becomes evident that the conditions for issuing it are no longer met. A visa shall in principle be revoked by the competent authorities of the Member State which issued it. So, as mentioned in the comments by Lily, you can inform the consulate that issued the ...


A Schengen visa can certainly be cancelled (technically revoked and/or annulled depending on the circumstances) and such a cancellation would indeed be recorded in a database… but you cannot cancel it. After all, you did not issue it in the first place. Also, why do you care?


Most important is that you contact the airline. If A-B wasn't taken, there should be a way to confirm why and that you'll take B-A anyway. Some airlines are strict and try to charge more for everything while others are easy and nice. Check the fine print when you buy the ticket.

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