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There are two problems: First, at higher temperatures, the air is less dense; therefore there is less oxygen (by mass) in every cubic metre of it; therefore more air must be ingested by the engine (by volume) for the same quantity of fuel to be completely burnt. If the intake flow rate of air is fixed, then less fuel can be burnt and less power developed ...


For this situation the long term cancelation is completely unfair and it is baffling as to why AirBnb has left it unchanged for so long. It would make a lot more sense to create something like a "semi-long-term policy" for stays less than 60 days or so to be based on weeks not months. For example, if you cancelled on a 28 day stay a month before checkin ...


The answer given by Tor-Einar Jarnbjo is correct, but I'll like to add some important, but little known information. Regardless of reason for cancellation, you can get governmental taxes and charges reimbursed. No one gives away money for free and for fun, so you will have to fill out a hard-to-find-form, and pay a fee.


I have traveled on an Expedia bargain fare. I booked it on the UK site, and my experience relates only to the UK site. This was 3 years ago, and I can't find the e ticket, so some of this is from memory. I booked a bargain fare from LON (London - all airports) to BOS (Boston Logan airport) return, with a potential of 1 stopover. The deal was approx £200 ...

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