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It's unclear what you are asking. The FAA tracks about 40,000 regular flights per day (150,000 including freight, military, private planes, etc.). If we estimate that about a quarter of those international, you are looking at 10,000 flights. Each flight has 20+ fare classes so the total number of quotable prices significantly exceeds 100,000 and that's for ...


I have used sites like Kayak.com you can navigate around and see where you want to go. This will scan multiple travel sights and airlines at once so you can compare.


Since you're not using an agency, you'll need a credit card with a big enough limit. In order to get the confirmation in order, they will need to get the charge approved and posted to your account. When you cancel, you'll get a credit from them. Time it so that the debit and credit fall within the same billing cycle to avoid having to make a payment or ...


I've actually looked into this quite a bit before. It depends on the airline, of course, but many of them are willing to let you reschedule the flight within a year from the purchase date. Some have change fees, some don't.

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