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I think those two cancellations are just isolated instances. I have found another website which logs the LYS-IST route and in a span of about a month, those are the only cancellations shown. Airportia - TK1808/THY1808 - LYS to IST Flight History


Flights get cancelled for a variety of reasons, but cancelling simply due to insufficent passengers is not a common one. Every plane has multiple uses during the day and cancelling flight A means the plane is not in position for flight B or flight C. It also means flight crews are no longer in the right place. Weather cancellations can come from upline, ...


Flight schedules get changed all the time, some flights get cancelled, others get added. There is no law against it and no compensation available simply because they cancelled a flight. As your flight is in the future, they have to give you a couple of choices: One you can cancel your booking and get your payment refunded; Two you can choose an alternate ...

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