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A quick google search reveals a number of results for wwoof la palma. These include blog stories of people who have actually volunteered, as well as WWOOF farms in La Palma (here is a random result). For more information on the topic I would suggest you look on the WWOOF EspaƱa website.


Apparently there are images of these beaches being polluted with the oil but reports say so far no official closing of the beaches as stated in the other answer of @pnuts Tasartico Beach Guguy Beach Veneguera Beach Lo Seco Beach Tasarte Beach Meloneras Beach and finally there is a video of frustrated citizens trying to clean the beach: Youtube Video ...


As quoted by @pnuts in the above comments. The link has "The regional government of the Canary Islands has not put in place any restrictions on accessing or fishing off the southern beaches of Gran Canaria." ... Anyway, a better solution for up-to-date information might be to contact admin@ecoturismocanarias.com

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