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France is really dog friendly (small dogs at least) If coming from outside of Europe, you will need to have your dogs medically checked and approved (and probably chipped) and have his own sanitary passport. IMO, I would leave the dog at home; less stress for you, less stress for him BUT. Dogs are not allowed in museums and other public service buildings ...


I went there in the summer for a couple of nights and I slept under a kiosk, right outside a church. 100% free! :D I have done this in Greece quite often. For some reason I get the feeling of the area that says me if it's safe or not. Still alive!


The Camping page for Yellowstone National Park describes two types of campgrounds: reservation and first-come-first-served. Obviously for the reservation type, you need to make a reservation; at peak times I would expect them to be fully booked. Summer weekends are probably the most popular times of all. For first-come-first-served, you would need to ...

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