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As for spain, no, you are not allowed to free camp everhwere, but , there are camping zones and free camp zones ( different concepts ) in many places. There is one important concept here : every autonomous community of Spain has it's own legislation. now, seeing that you want to go to the pyrinees, not a single of the AC there allows free camping (...


As for France, You are not -in theory- allowed to stay on private property without the owner's consent. /!\ forests might be private... That's the theory, in practice if you set up a tent in the woods for a night (but don't step in homes' garden though ^^), don't set the forest on fire and leave it as clean as when you arrived, nobody would care.


As a french hiker often going camping, here is what I know. In France, camping is regulated by the law named « Camping, aménagement des parcs résidentiels de loisirs, implantation des habitations légères de loisirs et installation des résidences mobiles de loisirs et des caravanes » from the « décret n° 2015-1783 du 28 décembre 2015 relatif à la partie ...


Recently came back from the trip. Ganzi is an option for better accomedation (more options), and we did stayed there on the way back from Maun. Unfortunately, it was too far from Gaborone for us (670 Km), and added another 100 Km to the trip. We did found a place to stay in closer to the middle: Kang village which is 420 Km from Gaborone and about 400 Km ...

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