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You have at least two options: 1) Camping Sokol Praha offers "mobile homes" for 40-60EUR per night ] 2) Camping Praha Klanovice offers "bungalows" fot 50-100EUR per night


You expressed your will to camp in Daizetsusan, so my answer will focus on Daizetsusan, see jpatokal's answer for more general information. I have hiked across Daisetsuzan for several days, and camped various different kinds of places: Spots of ground and poles, nobody except other campers. Just put your tent on a spot big enough, and put your bags of ...


The only campsites with facilities that I'm able to find near Hakone are: Ashinoko Camp Mura, right on Lake Ashinoko, which charges ¥1000-2000 depending on season for a tent space (テントサイト) and is accessible by public transport Gotenba Otome Forest Camp #1, which is a flat ¥2000 all year round and is close to inaccessible without your own wheels ...


In Uganda, outside of the main urban centres, it's hard to find accommodation that's reasonable value for money. Either it's very expensive (and not too bad), or extremely cheap (and quite bad, if not really bad). Or there's nothing at all. Camping inside the national parks is not too much of a problem, though you will have to pay park fees, which, for ...


Camping Permit? Yes but which one? According to the website of the Council of Tenerife, campers who wish to use the public camping facilities scattered across the islad require a permit. Note that various camping permits exist, which can be requested either online or in person: Using a motorhome/camper van/mobilhome in a camping facility - In person ...


According to Louie from Seward Water Taxi, no permit is required for backpacking.

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