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Legally it is ok to camp almost anywhere in India. I am a local and have traveled a lot (especially South India). I've gone on a 2240 kms motorcycle journey through Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka on my HERO HONDA PASSION PLUS(2003 edition-silver.) While you are in India, try do/not-to-do the following things: Don't wait for too late to pick a spot ...


I've done this in Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S. During the day, the main thing I look for are large-ish clump of trees and bushes off to the side away from foot traffic. I've found these at the side of roads away from buildings and sidewalks, at the far end of low-trafficked parking lots, and other misc. places. I try to avoid city parks, as ...


Basically everywhere, as long as you don't pitch your tent where you obviously disturb others. I am honestly not 100% sure about the official rules, but wild camping is very common in Iran. Just google "wild camping iran" and you will find many stories on the subject, e.g. this one.

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