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There are a couple of campsites near Ghanzi which is about halfway between Gaborone and Windhoek. Thakadu Bushcamp Dqae Qare El Fari Bushcamp Grassland Bushman Lodge Tautona Lodge I can recommend Thakadu which is basic but clean and has a nice bar and restaurant with a waterhole nearby. The camp site of Tautona Lodge is fine too but it is a bit far ...


It's been several years since I've been to Dorst Creek, but based on what I remember... It really comes down to which campsite you have booked. Several of the camp sites in this ground are actually fairly small - much smaller than you'd normally expect in a National Park campground. Other campsites are much larger, especially those on the outsides of the ...


Recently came back from the trip. Ganzi is an option for better accomedation (more options), and we did stayed there on the way back from Maun. Unfortunately, it was too far from Gaborone for us (670 Km), and added another 100 Km to the trip. We did found a place to stay in closer to the middle: Kang village which is 420 Km from Gaborone and about 400 Km ...


To the best of my knowledge, there is no organized camping inside the National Park.

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