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See articles R111-32 to R111-35 of the "Code de l'Urbanisme" created by Décret n° 2015-1783 du 28 décembre 2015 relatif à la partie réglementaire du livre Ier du code de l'urbanisme et à la modernisation du contenu du plan local d'urbanisme Camping out of campsites can be prohibited on protected sites, national parks, within 200m of water sources, near ...


Camping wild is illegal but tolerated, as in Wales & England (here, here and here). Sleeping in your car is legal (here).


Depending on the region and season, nobody might notice your presence. BUT if you get caught, then you might get a fine. It is hard to predict how frequently you'll get a fine. Sometime the forest guard will just explain you why this is forbidden and that's it. But sometime, they will also give you a fine...

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