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I discovered this method last year when I was in Asia, possibly when I was already in Cambodia. At that time I found multiple threads of various forums discussing it but I'll answer now off the top of my head and try to come back and add some links afterward. You can't do this in a tourist visa, but It's just as easy to get a business visa for Cambodia as ...


Wow I got a reply from the consular section of the Russian Embassy to Cambodia already! For all types of visa for Australian citizens: Single Entry Visa 100 USD 7 business days processing 200 USD 3 business days processing Double Entry Visa 200 USD 7 business days processing 335 USD 3 business days processing Multiple Entry ...


You should wait a couple days and if it doesn't heal by itself take a course of oral antibiotics penicillin or amoxicillin, any pharmacy can sell you these for 1-2 dollars. Be sure to complete the entire recommended course (google) even if you feel better, as multiple antibiotic resistant bacteria are a huge problem in Cambodia. I had a similar issue and did ...


You should go to U-care pharmacy, they will have a doctor to consult your disease before you can purchase the medicine. You can find the U-care pharmacy of the East conner of Pub Street or another place along of Sivutha Street.


As I know, you can use Vietel in Laos and Cambodia

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