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There is a very good article in the PPP about Kirirom Mountain; "Magic lives on at old royal retreat". Probably one of the few places in the kingdom to find pine forests. "On top of Kirirom Mountain are the 1960s-era ruins of a once grand getaway for the royalty and urban elite of pre-war Cambodia. Now, four decades after it was abandoned, life is returning ...


10 April 2015. The Immigration / Visa office quoted me the following extension rates: 1 month - $30 3 months - $60 6 months - $100 They were very particular in wanting to see my rental contract and would not give me a visa that extended past it. Also my wait time is 3 weeks due to Khmer New Year


It sounds like your single protagonist is trying to slip through alone, without being seen at all? One would presume that the best area for this would be as deep in the bush as possible, so far from big cities on either side. You could take a page from actual news: Montagnard refugee groups are hiding in the jungle along the northern part of the border ...


According to this article Ta Mau is believed to be the largest hotspot for smugglers in the Mekong Delta region. Multiple types of products in large numbers are gathered and classified by day at the Vietnam-Cambodia border gate and are piled into boats and smuggled into Vietnam at night.

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