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I know you've indicated that you only want to street park, but have you considered parking garages? They're not that expensive (especially in the evenings), and many are multi-level buildings, so there will be plenty of room. Here's a site that will give you the cost to park at basically every parking lot/garage in SF, given an entry and exit time. ...


Having lived in the city for six years, I believe parking around Union Square is hard but not the worst, thanks to there being several large garages. There's one right under Union Square, https://www.sfmta.com/getting-around/parking/parking-garages/union-square-garage. The daily rate of $36 is better than a parking ticket or a break in while street parking. ...


The only attraction on the Wharf worth seeing: the Musée Mécanique. (And it's free!)


If you end up parking downtown, double and triple check to make sure you didn't park in a tow-away zone. If there's a sign anywhere on your side the block that says tow-away, even all the way on the other corner, be prepared to run back to your car or find a different spot. Streets like Geary have red topped meters, making it quite hard to overlook. Other ...


If you are willing to pay a small fee daily you can leave your car at the Milbrea, Ashby, or North Berkeley BART stations, which all have parking lots, and then take the BART into the city from there. Which one to choose depends on the direction you will be driving in from / out to.


Some additional tips: Permit zones generally have 2-hour parking for everyone without a permit. Make sure you do not block a driveway. In many parts of the city, you will find streets where the houses are tightly spaced and have garages. Between the driveways you may see a space that looks almost large enough for your car. Do not be fooled! If your car ...


Best advice for street parking might be: don't! - SF has something of a car break-in epidemic, especially in the tourist areas, which includes Union Square and surrounds. Typical article: "Car break-ins are epidemic in San Francisco" If it's only a day or so, then a parking garage near Union Square won't break the bank - but do check to ensure that they ...


The only real limitations are the meters themselves, some of which are active at unlikely times: read them carefully the posted signs about street-cleaning and such, so look for those signs and read them too -- the more obscure the rule, the more vigorously enforced it will be, so if the sign says "No parking 9am - 10am on the third Thursday of the ...


If you have a smartphone, you may want to get a SF-specific parking app (see e.g. http://sfpark.org/how-it-works/applications/ or search the app store). SF makes quite a bit of detailed parking data available, and I hear the apps are super-useful.

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