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TFL Website Have you tried TFL's bus map webpage? Bus Maps by City Area It allows you to download PDF's with bus maps by city area (Central, North West, North East, South West, South East). Interactive Maps You can also view maps interactively from the site. Zoom in to view the bus stops, click on the bus stop you need, and zoom out to see the bus ...


Having arrived at Malta airport February 1, 2016, there was a booth (I think towards the right hand side from Arrivals) where I was able to purchase a Tallinja card for €21 for 7-days. The booth also accepts Amex cards. This covers the whole of Malta and Gozo (Għawdex). Whether or not this can be topped-up I'm not sure.


Almost a month ago I had a violent accident in Bolivia. Luckily, I'm pretty good, but do not want this happen to someone else, so I'll tell you my experience. 01/04/16 Patty and I traveled to Bolivia. We had a whole plan between La Paz, Uyuni, Copacabana, Puno and Cusco. As we wanted everything to go well, reaching La Paz we bought our tickets and tours in ...


I use to find local bus routes.


Like JoErNanO suggests, you should look at websites of the bus hubs, called "Terminals". That being said, the info is probably out of date. I'd suggest asking the locals and arriving super early. Latin american transportation is not as punctual as what you'd expect from the first world. Terminal Cartagena Terminal Barranquilla Santa Marta doesn't ...


Enter at 42nd and 8th. It's the big building with the taxis and sketchy characters standing outside (or if arriving by subway, enter through the direct subway entrance). Go downstairs to gates ~60-90ish. There are signs labeling it, but I don't recall the exact range listed. After descending the stairs to the correct level, the bus to DC will be somewhere ...


You can find your gate by asking someone from the Greyhound ticket booth or you can use the new touch screen that tells you your gate by searching for your travel id located somewhere on your ticket.


Your Greyhound will certainly leave from Port Authority in New York, some tickets don't have the door or gate number printed on them, but everything is available at the station. I've done this myself on a few occasions, it's a big station and they've organized it a little like an airport in the sense where they have some panels up with the next departures ...


Bus it to Aipe then Taxi Rome2Rio suggests a bus from Salento to Pereira, followed by another bus from Pereira to Aipe, and from there a Taxi to Villavieja. Below is a screenshot of the suggested route: Quoting from the Terminal Pereira website, the scheduled departures for Aipe are: Buses to/from Salento seem to depart/arrive every 2 hours. Public ...


I've messaged the official Tallinja Facebook page (great customer service by the way!) and received the following reply: So the answer is yes, you can do that.


The limit exists but is rarely enforced, never had a problem with several pieces of luggage


I think that you should go to Armenia (1 hour from Pereira) and then go to Filandia. Here you can find Armenia to Filandia schedules and rates. There are regular services every 15-30 min from 6am to 8pm. Expect the same schedules from Pereira to Armenia, they are two major cities in the zone and are plenty of options to do that route.


According to information from 2012, there are 10 buses per day. The cost is 400-450 roubles, which was around $15 during 2012.


Results of quick online research: There seem to be good, comfy buses. At least Bolivariano (see Bogota-Medellin route info). Based on their marketing (see e.g. DuoBus video), it seems nice and safe (but I don’t know about the road and areas passed through etc). Plenty of departures. Bolivariano has ~13 daily (6:40 AM to 10:47 PM) (for Wednesday) Cost is ...

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