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try this site - the distance between two places is 140 km. you should be able to hire a car (with driver) and should not cost you more than 7-8 Rs per km.


This doesn't exactly answer the question posed, due to its schedule, but could be useful for other people traveling between Denver's Union Station and Fort Collins. From July 2015, there is a public commuter bus service running between Denver and Fort Collins: Bustang North Line. It runs on weekdays from Denver's Union Station (which is where Amtrak stops) ...


The Caravanistan guide that you cite describes getting from Baku to Alat but it is not too hard to backtrack: from Alat port take a minibus / taxi to the bus stop from there take bus 195 to Baku Looking at google maps, this seems to be the Alat port to me. You are looking for transportation from the port to the bus stop where the 195 will take you to ...

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