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The problem here is that most of the Norwegian mountain hiking area is a high plateau rather than an alpine range, and getting onto the plateau and into the hut network from the west can be arduous. Once you're up, however, you can hut-to-hut more easily. You might like to look at GRINDEFLETHYTTA. Accessible from the Bergen-Trondheim road before it drops ...


You will find this information on the website of the "Salzburger Verkehrsverbund" (SVV): http://www.svv-info.at/en/timetables/trip-planner/


The buses that London sold to Malta are unfortunately, no longer in Malta. All 80 Mercedes buses have been exported to Sudan after they caused congestion, caught fire and were generally disliked, it seems. Indeed, the article notes, in addition to the fires: In offering the buses for sale, Transport Malta had laid down that they cannot be returned to ...


While you do not need an ESTA, you can get one. Last time I crossed a Canada/US border, by car (no need of ESTA either), the border agent asked me if I had an ESTA. When I said I thought I did not need one, he told me the process would be faster. But most importantly, there is a priori no reason you will take much more time than most other travellers. As ...


The METROBUS Card can only be purchased in the selected Point of Sales and Recharge (POS). Unfortunately, at the time of writing, according to the METROBUS website it would seem that there is no METROBUS POS at Tocumen Airport. Here is an up-to-date list of these POS from the METROBUS website. However this online newspaper article from La Prensa dating 2013 ...


Isn't it this one (taken from this site):


I took these guys about three months ago and had luggage that was 20 - 25 kilos. It was not a problem whatsoever. And, my luggage wasn't close to the smallest nor lightest of what the passengers were transporting on my trip.

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