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I would definitely check There's always a connection that suits your needs.


There are three kind of solutions: Expensive and fast : train (, plane (, Fast and cheap : sharing a ride (, plane (,, Slow and cheap : buses (flixbus, megabus, ouibus, isilines, eurolines) => You can use to check prices and durations (that site includes ...


At Busbud, a bus search tool I work for, we did a little study on the price of bus vs blablacar ride sharing in France. It's in French, hopefully you can get the gist of it: bus is often cheaper but it's worth checking both options. Here are some of the relevant bus companies that partner with Busbud in France and from France to Spain: Ouibus, Flixbus, ...


There are now a couple tools to compare the prices of train/bus/rideshares. Two examples are Comparabus and kelbillet. Trying these for a trip in October, 3 months ahead of time, the bus costs from 35 to 50 euros to Bayonne/Hendaye (in my experience, for such distances the price does not vary too much, even a week in advance), the rideshares are available ...


You cannot get a recipt for a single fare. You can get a recipt from a Rav-Kav issued by a specific service (The train, Egged, etc.) for the entire purchase (e.g. if you purchased a 50 NIS top off to your card). If you need it for a record, a driver can print the last few rides you made with the card (but he/she does not have to - it's for dispute ...


Bus will be the cheapest way to get down there. You will probably have to change bus at some point as close to Hendaye as possible as there doesn't seem to be a direct bus line to there (AFAIK) from Lille. Check/Google the various bus services. A quick search with returns a 50euro itinerary from Lille to Biarritz.


There are 3 toll stops on the toll road from Tijuana to Ensenada. Each one costs $2. It is 62 miles and takes an hour. Simply stay to the right after you cross the border and follow the signs to Rosarito and you will see the Ensenada signs. I make the drive every 2 weeks or so!

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