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rome2rio is a multimodal transport search engine that mixed flight, bus and ship. Compared to fromatob it search much faster and cover bigger area. It also show the route of each option in the map. (the upper one is exeter, uk-Hong kong searched by fromatob and the lower is same route searched by rome2rio)


I checked the Belgian railway site for you and they mention that folding bikes are free of charge. The Flanders railway company 'de Lijn' has a mention of bikes on their Dutch language site, in short you can take a folded bike for free if you do not bother other passengers but no full size bikes at all. Als u de andere reizigers niet hindert, mag u wel ...


Get a bemo from Senggigi to Mataram's Mandalika bus terminal (Terminal Bis Mandalika), from where there should be semi-regular onward bemos to Labuhan Lombok (about 2 hrs). Prices are fixed and should be listed on the notice board at Mandalika, it was Rp. 11,000 a few years back.


The map online is incorrect; the station stop is actually located at 794 Howard Street, near Jillian's and the Target Guest Pickup sign. There is an "Amtrak Bus Stop" sign on a light pole about 1foot wide by 2ft tall.


The info below is from 2015. Senggigi to Mataram's Mandalika bus terminal In Indonesian: Terminal Bis Mandalika. Take a Bemo: This takes around 30 minutes Price is around 15'000 IDR Departure times: whenever the bemo is full (or almost) Mataram's Mandalika bus terminal to Labuhan Lombok I wrote a dedicated question for this: Mataram to Labuhan ...


If you want to travel within one country in Europe you can often use the train planner to get a combination of train and bus, like the Bahn site for Germany and Belgianrail for Belgium. In the UK you can use traveline for train, coach and buses, I am not sure about flights but it might work. Non of those keeps being that helpful when crossing national ...


Until recently, the train network had a monopoly on long-distance land-based transportation in France, so the long-distance bus network isn't as developed as in most European countries. Like everywhere, buses are as a rule a lot cheaper than trains (at least if you book in advance), but they're also a lot slower. The fastest connections between Cannes and ...

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