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You can buy the ticket from United, and it will be on "United Stock" (the e-ticket will start with their numbers, once upon a time it would literally have been printed on paper with their logo) even though it will be on "Air Canada metal" for the first and possibly second leg. It will be called something like United 4321 operated by Air Canada. This is how ...


According to auto magazines, L / 100 km seems to be the accepted standard. However km / L is sometimes used unofficially on forums and blogs. Either way converting from one to the other is simple.


The best cheaper way I've found to get from Fez to Algiers is flying via Barcelona. As of April 2016, Fez - Barcelona - Fez is around $35-50 on Ryanair, and Barcelona - Algiers - Barcelona is around $110 on Vueling, for a total price of $150 (round trip).


No, you can't, because no such airlines exist. [Transport Canada] requires domestic air services operators [...] to be majority-owned and controlled by Canadians. [ref] You could book a flight from Vancouver to LA on a US airline, of course. And might be able to book a flight to LA from Toronto via Vancouver through a US airline (through codesharing) ...

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