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For the flexible date and region search option you should try Kayak which provides flexibility of date via Month and shows map of region for destinations as shown below. Also, you can try ITASoftware (this provide you a calender view where you can see the cheapest fare, but you will not be able to book using this site, so after your results go to another ...


www.adioso.com has fairly flexible searches where you can float dates and set regions as destination. Example DUS <-> DEL is US$ 896 depart 12/23, return Jan 4. This is probably as good as it's going to get: It's Christmas time with many people being off work, so flight prices are very high during that time


This is Indonesian's standard, which I think is quite similar to those 3 countries. For (decent) foods and drinks, I would say 5€/day. Beer costs around 1€. Accomodation starts from 5€/day, but for tourists from Europe/America, it is advisable to take a more expensive room which may cost around 10-15€. As to transportation between countries, I cannot tell as ...

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