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Get an Oyster Card or Use Your Contactless Payment Card If you plan on travelling a total of two journeys in two days then you won't need a 2-day travel ticket (nor 2 day travel cards) as that would be to expressive, as well as overkill. The simplest option would be to get two one way tickets covering the zones you need. These will definitely be cheaper ...


The area next to Hong Kong-China Boundary in Hong Kong is Frontier Closed Area. Only permitted people can access it. If you want to cross the boundary, the cheapest way is Huangbus (皇巴士) from Huanggang Port to San Tin Public Transport Interchange. It costs $9 HKD, paid by cash or Octopus card. Dont expect to hitchhike in GuangDong. Each year many drivers ...


Hong Kong consists of a number of islands, and also a sizeable chunk of mainland, called the New Territories. The New Territories are the larger part of Hong Kong, but also the least densely populated, least interesting and least visited. Kowloon is a more populated and residential area, also part of the mainland, surrounded by the New Territories. Shenzhen ...


1 Dorset Mudeford is famous for its row of colourful huts - and for the prices some of them have fetched, upwards of £100,000 - it also has some of the few beach huts you can actually sleep in, including Needleview, which sleeps four in two singles and a bunk. There's a kitchen with gas burner, grill and fridge, and the use of nearby loos and showers.


There are actually many cheaper options in Probolinggo than the ones visible on internet or in lonely planet Indonesia (edition 2013). I stayed in a guesthouse for 80'000 IDR per night, for a double bedroom with shower (cold water only). It was clean, not far from the train station, and staff was nice. The guesthouse is called "female guesthouse", although ...


The store locator on the Daiso website (daisoglobal.com) tells us there is one in Nanning - here's the map. The street address is 南宁市友爱南路22号南棉商业街216号 (You'ai Nanlu 22).


To get the discount, as Drat (above) said, you just show them the card at boarding. However, it's pretty common for places like Greyhound to not check the discount despite them saying that they will check at concession. Specifically for the ISIC discount...(From http://maphappy.org/2014/12/the-hard-real-truth-about-isic-card-benefits/) I bought five ...

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