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You should check what holidays are on this day. Basically you're trying to book a hotel on Good Friday 2016, which also coincides with spring break for a lot of school districts. So basically you're trying to book a hotel for a long weekend during spring break the price rise is to be expected.


Possibly related is also the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament, AKA March Madness. New York hosts one of the early round matches around March 18th, with another early round match being held at Providence around the same date (which is less than 200 miles away) and Philadelphia (100 miles away) hosting East regional semifinals on the 25th. It's ...


'Ukrainian international trains' and 'cheap' is something incompatible, unfortunately. Domestic train tickets can be purchased online but international AFAIK cannot, at least it was impossible spring 2015. Use bus to get to Przemysl / Rzeszów, it would be quite convenient. If you want it extremely cheap then From Lviv to Shegyni (Шегині) ~2hrs ~14uah ...

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