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It does not cover all the regular busses in the country but postbus.at is the main operator and does operate busses you could use. Unfortunately, it's not a part of the national train company (ÖBB) and the website therefore also includes trains, which is why busses do not show up in the search results for this particular journey… rome2rio is another site ...


You have found the cheapest possible train ticket for that journey. Note that in order to get that price, you need to book well in advance. There are no weekend passes for long-distance trains (in Norwegian only). The cheapest available InterRail pass will cost you €190 (or €129 if you're under 26). All passenger train services in Norway, except the ...


Yes you can. Although the right answer is very dependent on your personal interests, here are a few pointers to get you started: Do a 'free' walking tour. They work for tips, so it's not really free, but it's an easy and friendly way to get to know a bit of the city. Spend time at Ibirapuera Park. There are several decent museums in the park, and it's a ...


I was able to take to the booking stage that exact route at the time on Orbitz for just about the same price ($7 more only).

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