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Have you tried meetup.com? A lot of the groups there are software or IT focused, but if you dig around a little you can also find some smaller outdoor or hiking groups, arts&crafts, special movie events, language groups etc. - at least in the bigger cities. The website is mobile friendly, but i'm sure they also have an app.


I've been googling a bit these last few days and I found a website that seems helpful to me. Eventful : It's a website that offers what I was looking for, allowing me to filter events by date (it's possible to filter just those events taking place today) and different categories and including links to buy the tickets for any of them. I will keep digging ...


I may be headed that way myself as part of a relief mission for the JCWI. I would recommend the live Budapest feed on Twitter... It is not an 'official' source and the feed is intermixed with comments that some may find indecorous (hence my redaction). But there is enough 'live' information to make it worthwhile. The feed includes 'live' updates from ...


I've seen a few apps like these, but they all focussed on only a few cities. As a recommendation, use Facebook: Go to http://facebook.com Click 'Events' in the left column. Scroll down and click 'Popular Events Nearby'. Annoyingly, the resulting list is sorted by some vague popularity rating, not by date.

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