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Budapest is known for its thermal springs, as they're the largest in Europe, so you should try one of the many baths, such as the Gellert (very central location, but a bit touristy) or the wonderful Szechenyi bath. The market hall is great for some local food, but also to buy souvenirs. The synagogue has some interesting and moving stories to tell. The Buda ...


Have you had a look at the Iparművészeti Múzeum (sorry, no english page...)? According to http://budapestinterim.blogspot.com, there is (or was) an exhibition about Rubik cubes... They have a page about new acquisitions they made in 2009 which very briefly mentions "a Rubik's collection".


The "official" taxi company of Budapest Airport is Főtaxi. From the airport to the Szechenyi Bath the price is 21-22 EUR: Back to the airport costs 16 EUR: You'll get a discount card at your first travel, you have to show it the second time to get the discount rate. I've never payed Euros but I think they accept it ( they printed the price also in ...


We celebrated new years eve in Budapest last year. It was a very interesting experience. There is a lot to do in that period. I would suggest to be on one of the bridges at midnight to enjoy the fireworks. There are also different river cruises you can book so that you are actually on the Danube river at midnight. We opted out for the latter, since it would ...


Definitely Vienna is easier to navigate, public transportation is better and easier to use, more people speak English, and architectural highlights are all concentrated within a 4 mile radius. Vienna also has more high-quality large art museums, and overall, it's more tourist-friendly than Budapest. However, Vienna is not as strikingly different to other ...


From Terminal 1 (the LCC terminal), you can take a direct local train to Nyugati station in the city center in 23 minutes for 365 HUF. From Terminal 2 (used by everybody else), your best bet is to take bus 200E to Kőbánya-Kispest and connect to the metro (Line 3). A through ticket is 320F in advance, or 400F from the driver.


Next year they'll start building a Rubik's Cube shaped museum that might open for the public in 2017 :) http://ruwix.com/the-rubiks-cube/museum/


So in general, food in Hungary (eating out) is a lot less expensive than Western Europe, which is handy :) Note that - due to a historical translation error - "goulash soup" is indeed a soup, not the "goulash" that visitors may be familiar with from home which is known as "pörkölt". Local dishes often revolve around meat, include lots of paprika in their ...


Ruin bars are worth a look, and not just for a wild night out. They are night clubs but possibly not like you're used to. They are based in old derelict buildings houses, factories and office buildings that have been converted into clubs with makeshift furniture and sculptures from what ever was left lying around; cars cut in half and bath tubs as seats. ...


Tripadvisor has an extensive description on how to get from the airport to anywhere in Budapest. Your friend might be specifically interested in option 4: Taxi Option 4: Arrange with a Specific Airport Transfer Service to meet you inside, as you exit the secure area, with a sign with your name on it They list three companies. I have tried two of those ...


Both cities have their charms. Personally I think you should compare Vienna, Budapest and Prague. The Lonely Planet even has an edition on Budapest and Prague. To come back to your question, since you say that your dad likes architecture, I would go for Budapest. Its parliament, castles and also its thermal baths are a lust for the eye. Furthermore its ...


Unfortunately I have no information on the particular area. But for train travel in general you may find this page really helpful: http://seat61.com/ It gives detailes info on your railpass question: http://seat61.com/Railpass-and-Eurail-pass-guide.htm You maybe have to find out yourself what the right choice is.

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