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Well, if train is not an option you can take a bus. This company: http://marina.autogari.ro/index.php runs buses from Bucharest at 17:00, arriving 05:00 next day. Be warned however that if you find trains a bad option then you might not like this bus either. Here is a testimony from another site: ...


Since i couldn't find any conclusive information on the rumor that splitting the trip from Bucharest to Sofia makes it cheaper i decided to do some empirical research so here goes: Direct train from Bucharest(from Bucharest Nord) to Sofia costs 140 ROM (35euros) lei and there are few departures per day, 12:55, 23:55 that i am aware of. Direct bus costs 52 ...


The best way is to take a train from Bucarest North to Giergiu Nord and then walk 4km and take a Bulgarian train from Ruse to Sofia

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