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One option is Trianastar(BG). There is a daily bus in 16:00 from Bucharest(Filaret), 22:00 in Sofia. One way ticket costs 52 BGN (26 EUR), return ticket costs 82 BGN (41 EUR)


There is a train from Bucharest to Istanbul every day at 12:20 pm, it merges with the train from Sofia in Eastern Bulgaria and arrives in Istanbul at 7:30 the next morning. One source mentions 36 Euros as the price. There are also buses going directly from Bucharest to Istanbul taking 18 hours. I am not sure about the prices but I travelled on trains and ...


I found an official site for the Romanian railways, and according to it, there is really a train from Constanta to the Bucharest, which will be at your station at 13:06 local time. There is no other trains to the Bucharest, according to the same site (and here), so I think this train will be :) According this site, the price will be 23.8 RON. All I can ...


There's a couple of restaurants that sometimes have live gypsy music. If you got in touch with them you should be able to find out if they have any bands playing while your friends are in town (assuming this isn't too late). Casa Doina sometimes has them playing in their wine cellar. Locanta Jaristea sometimes has Taraful Cailor de Curte Veche playing.


It's the Bosphorus Express, the only train between Europe and Turkey. So there is nothing else. Here is a very detailed description with part two which seems to be from March this year. It's not that easy to find on the different national rail websites, since the number changes twice and most national train websites do not care about where a wagon coming ...


Without local knowledge, it's hard to answer, but, the internets can come to your rescue. It seems you have to switch busses in Ruse: http://www.rome2rio.com/s/Bucharest/Istanbul

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