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Promoting a comment to an answer If you're not in a huge rush, I'd suggest you skip flying, and take the train. Well, train + train + ferry. That way, you'll have the computer parts and monitor with you at all times, can keep an eye on them, can ensure that no baggage handlers throw them about it. Booked a little bit in advance, it's actually not that ...


I have flown from the USA to Thailand with computer monitors in my checked baggage without issue on a couple of recent occasions (and I use a roller duffel, so effectively zero protection against theft). Most thievery from luggage is small, easy to conceal items like jewelry, cameras, phones, tablets, music players. A big monitor in its original box is too ...


Indian citizens do not need a visa to transit in Brussels (assuming your son is doing it on one ticket and can check his luggage through so that he won't need to leave the transit lounge of the airport), see Transit visa for Brussels for Indian citizens Consequently, an Indian passport should be enough, a US visa or evidence of his status there is not ...


According to the website from the National Rail company, there are automatic luggage lockers at Brussels-North station. Brussels-South station also has a staffed left-luggage facility and is generally bigger and nicer (at least I remember it that way) so it could be a good alternative.

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