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The reason for the strike ending at 22h is so they can attempt to get all the material at the required destinations for the next day, e.g. they need x amount of trains in Gent or Oostende so they can handle the morning traffic the next day. Note that this is not a guarantee for success, I've often experienced delays the day after a strike because not all ...


Make sure you have different means of transport. It is very doubtful that you will see a train that day. I suggest you take a cab, at that hour there shouldn't be too much traffic. And it's not too hard to get one in Brussels.


It depends. The question is if they block access to signaling control builing or not. You can not predict this beforehand, but generally they do. If signalling control building is inaccessible, no trains can pass in the area controlled by that specific building. If the signaling control buildings remain functioning, you can count on some trains, but can not ...


Strikes usually end officially at 10 p.m., but don't count on any train after that time. There might be an odd train, but usually there is not. In reality the normal schedule resumes the next morning with a few cancelled trains still possible. Source: I take the train daily in Belgium and have seen my share of strikes. If you are referring to the upcoming ...

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