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If you booked the journey as one ticket you are guaranteed to be transported to your final destination (JFK) regardless of whether you make the connection at BRU or not. Indeed, if you miss the connection the airline will re-route you on a different flight. Having said this, what happens when you land at BRU and have to transfer? You will arrive at gates A ...


When an airline sells you (or a re-seller) tickets for a multi-stop flight, they imply that it is reasonably possible to change planes. Brussels Airport is not very large (in comparison to, say, Atlanta), so walking distances are reasonably short. Nevertheless, for any connecting flight, it's usually a good idea to go straight through all security controls ...


If you ask to cancel your flight before the airline notifies you, then it will be considered a voluntary cancellation on your part and subject to the full penalties described in the fare rules. Once the airline has notified you that the flight is not available and a new flight has been reserved for you, then you have a period of 24 to 48 hours to accept the ...


Keeping in mind things could be slower at Brussels Airport due to recent events, the minimum transfer time is around 50min (according to Brussels Airlines) so if passport control goes quickly you should be fine with the time you have.

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