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The Pacific route is a beautiful route! Expensive, but beautiful none the less. From the West Coast of the U.S., you can take Amtrak's Cascades train (tel. 800/USA RAIL; www.amtrak.com) to Bellingham, Washington; the dock for the Alaska ferry is quite close to the railroad station. From the east, it makes more sense to use Canada's ...


As someone who lives between Victoria and Ucluelet, let me have a crack at it. Even though I'd try to fit in two or three stops to break up the long drive, you should spend as much as time on the West Coast as possible. There's more than just Ucluelet: Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is just a short drive away and at the end of the peninsula, there is the ...


For me, having a kitchen is one of the defining qualities of a hostel. I'm sure there's some that don't have a kitchen but the vast majority do and should. If you want to meet people I would definitely suggest hostelling. Read online reviews though to find a hostel which suits your style. Some are heavy on partying and others are more family oriented for ...


Most likely your Greyhound bus will only make a single stop in Vancouver itself, although it may make stops in nearby suburbs like Coquitlam. The stop in Vancouver will be on Station Street, directly in front of the station that the Amtrak services leave from. If you have some time between the two trips you could stroll down and enjoy the views over False ...


I've done the Calgary to Vancouver drive several times non-stop. I'd budget about 14 hours driving from Banff to Vancouver. That allows you to stop a couple of times. The Google Maps estimates are pretty accurate.


I've been planning on doing it, and reading quite a few forums, the Facebook group, and speaking to locals who have done it. The one thing they all agree on is DO NOT walk back down the Grind. They specifically urge other runners to tell off people walking down, as they get in the way, damage the track as they slip, and on top of that it's brutal on your ...


I assure you that three hostels I stayed at in Vancouver had kitchens, and I'd say most do. The best location hostel is the Samesun on Granville (and the HI hostel opposite, but I'm not an HI fan). It has a big kitchen, includes breakfast, and if you don't want to cook, they have $5 meals every night, which is a decent deal for Vancouver prices. On the ...


Another option would be to go camping, either using an RV or a rental car and tent (and portable stove). Camp grounds can be nearly as good for meeting people as youth hostels, and you can easily move around.


It is true. The State of Washington has similar agreements with British Columbia, Germany and Korea. As long as your BC license is valid, you can follow the procedures same to the people holding an out-of-state US license. See here. This is only for British Columbia licenses, other Canadian licenses holders should take the test.

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