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i found a way that seems very reliable and is entirely online, for bookings made by AA: First, have tripcase (owned by Sabre) link to the AA-created itinerary: Go to (you might need to create an account and log in) Click Create New Trip Enter a name for the trip in the pop-up box and click Create Click Link a Booking (on the upper right) ...


Yes, it is correct. Airline partnership arrangements include this restriction as a matter of course. The point is to achieve reciprocity; allowing people to double collect (or more) would alter the economics of frequent flyer rewards, fundamentally changing their value.


Just to answer a few of your other questions: Should We tell the flight attendants when checking in the luggage about the connection ? No need as they will have all the information required once they enter your reservation number. You can ask them to put a priority handling tag on your checked in luggage (this is usually affixed to business/first ...


I'm only a little nervous about your connection. It is technically doable, and you can certainly get from arrival gate to departure gate with plenty of time, if queues at security aren't too long. But, BA094 is very often late into Heathrow due to being late leaving Montreal, which can reduce your actual connection time to 45 minutes or less. You have a ...

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