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Previous answer from Afetter is right. I did enter Brasil with over R$10K and didn't pay any taxes. You have to fill the eDPV and declare it to the customs officer of the Receita showing the printed form (after the passport checking by the Policia Federal). They will count the money. If you don't declare the money and they find it, then it will be ...


They started to migrate to a new system 2 years ago, most of the drivers give you a receipt if you ask for it. And yes, most of the cabs accept credit / debit card. Just in case, If you gonna take it from the Airport, when you take your bag and go to the main hall, you gonna see a hugeeeeee line, this line is for the cabs.. I would mind to check before ...


There are no tax to pay when you enter Brazil. If you have more than R$ 10.000,00 you will pay it in your Tax return (Imposto de Renda). There are a verification of amount of your declaration.


I couldn't find a resource that clearly stated you should (or shouldn't) pay any taxes on it, but reading the instrução normativa (art 6º, §4º) published by the Receita Federal about tax treatment applicable to traveller goods it seems that taxes should be paid only if you bring goods above the US$500 limit, but not cash. It seems you must only fill the ...

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