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In 2009, in an act of stupidity, corruption and bad faith, the brazilian governament created a new standard that's different from all other countries in the world: This image shows the brazillian standard at the bottom and the number of countries (países, in red) that use each other standard. That said, it is still very common to find the american ...


If you bought it on one ticket then yes, it is sufficient time or it would not have been sold to you (alright perhaps I am an optimist!). Your luggage will be through-checked to CDG, if on one ticket. (If it is on two tickets it should still be possible to arrange for it to be through-checked and to pick up your GRU-CDG boarding pass at FOR. However I would ...


There are a lot of musical instruments shops at Rua da Carioca, downtown. You can find a cuíca there. Also, downtown is certainly a destination for tourists, so he's probably going there anyway. For example, Casa Oliveira de Música is located at Rua da Carioca and in their website they claim to sell cuícas among many other percussion instruments.


From the Salgado Filho International you can get on the "Trenssurb" ( a kind of underground ) to Mercado. Mercado is the name of the station of the Old Town of Porto Alegre. I believe this is the best option to do a small trip like that. Some option to visit there: Mercado Publico Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana Praça da Matriz Praça da Alfândega Paço ...


Just outside the airport there is Monumento ao Laçador. 9 min by car from the airport there is the football stadium Arena do Grêmio. 15 min you get to Park Farroupilha and 20 min you get to the historic downtown, Saint Peter Theater and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

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