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If you do a search with the terms sushi com chocolate (sushi with chocolate) you will find plenty of recepies. Nevertheless, it's certainly not a trend, I have ate sweet sushi before but I had never heard of norimaki with chocolate before. It's really common to find sweet temakis ("sweet kones") for dessert, I wouldn't be surprised to find one with ...


Try searching for "temaki de chocolate" instead. Searching for '"temaki de chocolate" Brasilia', for instance, got me the Sushiloko chain and a number of other restaurant mentions (I think - I don't speak Portuguese). It looks as if temaki with chocolate and banana, in particular, is certainly not unheard of.


The "Rio For Partiers" travel guide has a tear-out card on the back flap that has the updated taxi fare estimates.


Any Rio de Janeiro travel agency (like riocharm.com) can buy you costumes ahead of time, which guarantees your participation. Costumes can range from US$250 to US$2000, depending on the school's ranking, fame and intricacy of the costume. The part-taker should learn a few samba moves, so as not to look like a total gringo, which can harm the samba school's ...


You have to contact your local Argentinian embassy / consulate in Brazil who will determine if you're eligible to get an Argentinian visa. I'm speculating here but given that you're a non-resident in Brazil, the Argentinian consulate MAY ask you to obtain a visa from your home country, the Philippines. I understand that you obtained a visa for Panama while ...

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