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It's not night here, in most of the games. First phase they were 1PM, 5PM (which there's still daylight) and 7PM. Now they are at 1PM and 5PM. It gets dark in the middle/end of the second game, though.


Yes you can. Although the right answer is very dependent on your personal interests, here are a few pointers to get you started: Do a 'free' walking tour. They work for tips, so it's not really free, but it's an easy and friendly way to get to know a bit of the city. Spend time at Ibirapuera Park. There are several decent museums in the park, and it's a ...


I'm staying at Hotel do Papai, run by two older Lebanese (I think) men (and their fairly pretty daughters). A self contained single is 80R$ (about 27 euros), including breakfast and good wifi. It's in the center and seems to be on the low end, price wise, compared to hotels in the direct vicinity. Driving into town, I passed a bunch of fairly shabby looking ...

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