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Not a a direct answer but worth considering: Depends a bit on which Hyatt. There three in the Boston area. Hyatt Regency Downtown: BOS has free bus rides with the Silver Line to South Station. From there it's a 7 minute walk to the Hyatt Regency downtown. This would not only be free but at most times of the day also faster than a taxi, limo or Uber. Hyatt ...


You cannot prepay for a taxi per se, as a taxi is a specific type of regulated class of transportation in Boston (as elsewhere). Taxis must display a medallion, must affiliate with a radio dispatcher, must have specially licensed drivers, and must meter or otherwise charge fares according to a fixed schedule among other restrictions. But not every ...


Use Uber. It's an app for mobile phones which allows one to order taxis and pay online using a credit card. All international credit cards are accepted. Online reviews confirm that Uber is available at Logan airport. According to the fare estimator the price for a ride downtown should be under $30:

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