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If you travel by land, you need to apply for a visa through a Myanmar Embassy or Myanmar consulate in Kunming. To travel with your own vehicle, you must register a tour package with an authorized travel agency in Myanmar.


According to information from 2012, there are 10 buses per day. The cost is 400-450 roubles, which was around $15 during 2012.


There is an established trail that was developed with the same aim as the idea behind your question: the Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne. It is about 800km long from coast to coast and wiki states 45 days for the average hiker. It is however very remote and I would not advise is without decent hiking experience in mountainous terrain. It is also unmarked and the ...


Given that you are an EU citizen (and not dual citizen of a non-eu country, which could result into different outcomes), there are two potential ways forward. You have the right to enter any EU country except where prohibited (i.e., UK in this case), so just go and hope for the best. Or, you work on undoing the ban and travel freely without any potential ...


I upset the OP with my Dover answer so here is a bit more serious take on the matter, hopefully he OP will forgive me now. This is Rudawka - Lesnaja (map) tourist water border crossing on Poland - Belarus border open from May to October. It was opened to allow uninterrupted paddling between the two countries. Having said that you have to arrange the ...


Probably your best bet is, to find waterways - particularly canals - that go across borders, not along: Across, not along, because European rivers tend to have a lot of water traffic. I don't remember ever seeing a river or similar along a border that had markers down the middle - it'd be an unnecessary obstacle to boats - but waterways across borders will ...


The river border between Belgium and the Netherlands, in Dutch 'de Maas' and in French called 'La Meuse'. The stretch measured in a straight line is about 19.5 mile, about 31.5 km, (Google maps) but because of the nature of the river much longer by water, and also going by road will take much longer. That is between Maasbracht, the Netherlands - Kessenich, ...


How about this one in Dover. water? check! boats? check! markers? check! guns? check! searchlights? if you are hiding in one of the lorries there for sure, check!


No, you most definitely cannot. The Visa Waiver Program only allows activity that are also allowed under regular visitor visas. For business visits, this means: consult with business associates attend a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention or conference attend short-term training (you may not be paid by any source in the ...

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