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Legally speaking, you need a valid passport or equivalent travel document to cross any border of a Schengen state, whether it's an inner or outer border of the Schengen area. I can't find a list of equivalent travel documents for France, but the one for Italy only lists “exotic” alternatives — documents for refugees, for seafarers, etc. (Nationals of an EU ...


There are hardly any lines at the border. But when I was going by bus from Brazilian to Argentinian side, and had to step off the bus to get my passport stamped (which took maybe 5 minutes for 10 people), the bus driver did not wait for us. We had to wait for the next bus, which go every 30 minutes. Then, going from Argentine to Brazilian airport by bus, ...


The easternmost tip of Sughd Province, Tajikistan, east of the town of Isfara, has a panhandle squeezed between Uzbekistan to the north and Kyrgyzstan to the south. Using the Maps Labs Distance Measurement Tool on Google Maps, its skinniest part is only around 2.2 km wide. The national borders in the whole Fergana Valley region are generally just ...


Tajikistan and Pakistan are 16 km from each other, separated by the Wakhan Corridor which belongs to Afghanistan.


Bangladesh and Nepal come within about 25 km of each other, with India in between. Egypt and Saudi Arabia come within about 30 km overland through Israel and Jordan (closer straight-line distance over water). Mongolia and Kazakhstan are separated by about 35 km of rather mountainous terrain. Germany and Italy are separated by about 45 km through Austria.


I'm trying to find countries with a tight corridor to sea, so that the countries on both sides are close to each other. Bosnia's corridor is only a few km, but both sides of it are Croatia, so that doesn't count. Israel's Red Sea corridor is about 10km wide I think, with neighbouring Egypt and Jordan being that close to each other. This is probably the ...


I do not think that you will have problems with visiting Russia after the Ukraine, but I would not be sure about the other way round. Concerning sanctions: I personally never heard that EU countries did not allow to enter a country, one German told even about his experience to visit Serbia (!) during the Yugoslav Wars. Naturally the government will warn you ...

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