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BC Ferries posts a Busy Days Forecast for major routes based on historical data. The information is very limited, though. For example, for Tsawwassen (mainland) → Swartz Bay (Victoria), expected busy departures over the next two weeks are: Thursday 2015-07-30: 11am to 8pm Friday 2015-07-31: 11am to 9pm Saturday 2015-08-01: 9am to 3pm Sunday 2015-08-02: ...


Based on what I've found, it appears that there was a ferry service that ran from Venice–Tartous–Alexandria–Venice from approximately May 2010–June 2011, at which time service was suspended due to the beginning of the Syrian Civil War. The beginning of service is cited here. Note this text is almost exactly the same text as found by @gmauch (complete with ...


Adding to @AakashM's answer, there seems to be no active passenger ferry from Europe to Egypt, but according to ferry.co.uk: From Europe – There is now a brand new ferry from Venice to Alexandria. Although schedules are yet to be published. the jouney[sic] should take approximately three days and will be the only Europe to Egypt ferry in operation. ...


It's obviously impossible to prove a negative, but given that AFerry do not currently list any Egyptian ports AND The Man In Seat61 says "There are currently no ferries to Egypt" I would say that at the time of writing, the answer is NO.


It depends on how willing you are to wait. Over the weekend, particularly a Friday night outbound and a Sunday return journey you will likely miss a ferry or two. On a long weekend during the summer, you could be waiting a long time. My two cents worth, 15 bucks is worth the piece of mind.


Booking.com won't charge you. The hotel might. They would have to send you a bill using the contact information Booking.com provides and convince you to pay it.


I doubt you can book a taxi in advance (though my experience of travelling in Iran is 14 years old...). I would suggest contacting an Iranian travel agency to organise a minibus. This agency seems to be recommended on other travel forums: http://www.irantravelingcenter.com/ This one states it provides transfer services: ...


Thats not a problem when you check in airport the staff will correct it Or you can contract their local centre/global contract centre.


out of my experience with Booking.com you have to pay only if the website asked you to provide your credit card number otherwise you will have the option of free cancellation


Booking.com asks for pre-payment in cases where they can deduct the cancellation fees if you fail to show up on that day or cancel the ticket. In other cases where they do not ask for pre-payment, then it is a free cancellation booking.


I travel a lot around China and one thing I would advice is for you to buy tickets online in advance whenever possible. Considering that you are travelling around July it will be better if you buy the tickets you mentioned early. Please note that right now most schools are about to complete their second semester. This is when a lot of students travel hence ...


Children under the age of 6 are carried without any charge on Indian Railways. Though, it is always better to give details of children while booking a ticket, you will not run into any problem while traveling. You will not be able to add the name of the child after booking the ticket. Changing the name of the passengers is allowed in certain cases with a ...

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