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Few airlines still sell open return tickets (that do not require reservations to be made). The exception is round-the-world and visit-a-continent fares which do still allow this. However, virtually all of them sell changeable tickets that can be changed at any time. On the flip side it may not be cheap. That said the ticket validity is usually limited to ...


Call the number and make a reservation. If you can't find the number then here's the information that TripAdvisor has on the venue: The Fat Duck High St, Bray, West Berkshire SL6 2AQ, United Kingdom 00441628580333


The technical answer to your question is no, tickets booked are only valid for the passenger and cannot be restored once cancelled. However as @jpatokal rightly pointed out change of name is permitted under special circumstances. Change of name within a family or government officials travelling can use this facility. Practically though, most ticket ...


Each playroom coach have 4 regular seats that can be reserved, no surcharge applies. Just book your ticket normally at the VR Shop, making sure to select one of the trains equipped with a playroom of course. Look for the little teddy bear icon next to Services: Then "continue to seat selection", and request a seat "Next to Playroom": Note that you ...


I am afraid this is normal, particularly if A, B and C are all in different countries. Essentially by doing a multiple destination trip (called a "circle trip") you are seen as someone more able to pay lots of money than someone doing a simple round trip; ergo, the price is higher. If the airline has ruled that the very cheapest fares cannot be combined on ...


At this season where it's not anymore vacation mode in the Western hemisphere where most visitors come from, I think it would be just alright to not book in advance : not much demand now.


It is legal for them to do so. (well, there is not prescription in the consumer protection law forcing them to have a "free" cancellation before X number of days). Hotels seems to all have different policies regarding cancellation. I did not find a proper legal reference other than a "La Facture" In french: ...

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