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This definitely works: Uyuni to Calama, Calama to San Pedro de Atacama, San Pedro to Salta, Salta to Iguazu. This probably works: Uyuni to Sucre or Potosi, Sucre or Potosi to Asuncion, Asuncion to Iguazu. It won't be to easy to get timetables online for Bolivia or Paraguay. You will just have to go. :)


You can go on a tour from San Pedro de Atacama (in Chile) which takes 3/4 days, visits sites in both Chile and Bolivia and will get you back to San Pedro, for about 200USD. As an alternative, you can get a bus from Calama to Uyuni, which takes 7-9 hours, depending on border formalities, while the bus only runs by day and only on 4 days a week. The ticket is ...

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