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Argentina appears to follow the common rule that you must apply for a visa at the consulate that covers the area/country where you live. Your nationality determines whether you need a visa at all or not, but once you have determined that you do need a visa, it is your residence that governs where to apply. You don't write where you live, but if you live in ...


I managed to contact them through their Facebook page. They say: the provided service and checked baggage is the same, no matter which the fare is, as we mentioned earlier, the only difference between fares is the percentage of discount in the fare. So it seems to be "pick your own discount" type of thing. It really is puzzling to me as to why would ...


There are buses from Santa Cruz to San Matias in Eastern Bolivia, on the border to Brazil. It takes around 15-18 hours on dirt roads. Once in Mato Grosso (on your way to Cáceres) the roads are very good and modern. You won't easily find information on buses online, just go to the bus terminal once you're there in Santa Cruz and buy your ticket. Don't plan ...


Tours on the Bolivian side are significantly cheaper. On your own, it's easy to get from Uyuni to San Pedro, if a bit time consuming. Public busses run four times a week between Uyuni and Calama, take 7-9 hours, and run by day. In Calama, it's easy to get another bus to San Pedro.


While visas are usually required to enter Bolivia, there is a TWOV (Transit without visa option): TWOV is permissible for travellers continuing their trip to a third country within 24 hours on condition that they: Have tickets with confirmed reservations. Have all documents needed for their next trip. Do not leave the airport. There ...


We went back to look for it and there really is one - on the left hand side immediately after entering departures hall. Storing one piece of luggage for 24 hours costs 25 Bs Note that the above information is correct as of January 2015, a new terminal is under construction and things might change once that is completed.

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