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Bolivian Visa for Indian Citizens As an Indian citizen you need a visa to Enter Bolivia. When you arrive by plane to La Paz you can get a visa on arrival for a fee (~100USD at the time of writing). Quoting from the linked website: National India (IN) /Destination Bolivia (BO) Bolivia (BO) [...] Visa required, except for ...


While visas are usually required to enter Bolivia, there is a TWOV (Transit without visa option): TWOV is permissible for travellers continuing their trip to a third country within 24 hours on condition that they: Have tickets with confirmed reservations. Have all documents needed for their next trip. Do not leave the airport. There ...


Tours on the Bolivian side are significantly cheaper. On your own, it's easy to get from Uyuni to San Pedro, if a bit time consuming. Public busses run four times a week between Uyuni and Calama, take 7-9 hours, and run by day. In Calama, it's easy to get another bus to San Pedro.


Since reclaiming and rechecking the luggage requires you to go through immigration, you will need a Bolivian visa to do so. The visa costs $160 and requires you to show a hotel reservation.

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