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To travel between Bodrum and Datça by bus, you will need to transfer in Marmaris. If you can't find direct service between Bodrum and Marmaris, you can always transfer in Muğla, which is the provincial capital and a stopping point for long-distance buses travelling from north western Turkey to the western Mediterranean. If you can find an intercity bus for ...


There will be plenty of buses each day to Bodrum. You will find one, so long as they aren't sold out, although Sunday night is unlikely to be the busiest of travel times to Bodrum. Most will be direct, but there will be some which have another final destination. When you arrive in Istanbul, look around for bus company offices in the district you are staying ...


Istanbul - Bodrum : Travel distance to Bodrum is 710 Km around 12 hrs. Varan : 444 8 999, Daily bus at 20:30 Departing from Caglayan (Europe) and Atasehir (Asian). Service shuttles from other locations. Ulusoy : 444 1 888, aily bus at 20:30. Departing from Merter (Europe) and Kucukyali (Asian). Service shuttles from other locations.


Indeed! What SigueSigueBen said. If you cant find a direct bus to Marmaris then just go for Mugla. From Mugla you will find a bus to Marmaris all day long. When you are inMmarmaris there will be minibuses to Datca. But I think the ferry will be available in September too. If the weather isn't bad they will be available. When you arrive in Datca, be sure ...

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