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This is definitely a good idea. Cycling in Amsterdam is such an experience and can be a bit stressful in rush hours in the city center; hence, riding it through the country side can be more pleasant. There are many companies renting bikes in Amsterdam. In general, the longer the opening hours and the more central the location, the more expensive they will ...


Yes, riding a bicycle in the parks of Glasgow is allowed. Now even more so that there are new bicycle rental schemes in place, right at the entrance of parks.


No policeman is going to arrest you for riding in a park. I'd be surprised if you can't ride in all the parks in Glasgow (or almost any other city in the UK) for that matter. Give pedestrians the right of way and be considerate and you'll be fine.


After actually trying it, I can now confirm that it is possible to cross the border both by foot and by bike. Plan some time, there are a total of 6 checkpoints (two passport controls and one custom check at each side of the border), so even with almost no traffic, it took me almost two hours to get through from Bulgaria to Turkey.

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