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VIA Rail no longer sells bike boxes. The baggage staff at Toronto Union Station has confirmed to me orally that VIA Rail has stopped to sell bike boxes. Travellers who wish to take their bicycle as checked luggage do not need to pack their bicycle in any way.


Via Rail baggage policy lists "Bicycle box (for non-travellers)" for $20 "available in certain stations only". Also, https://greyhound.ca/en/ticketsandtravel/baggageinformation.aspx Bicycle boxes are available from Greyhound Courier Express at selected terminals for $10 each (plus GST). Perhaps the Greyhound box is large enough too.


I myself am a first time visitor in Romania and have spent some time cycling here. I don't know from personal experience, but have been told a lot of bicycles are stolen here and that you should always lock your bike. Bucharest being more dangerous than anywhere else in Romania and with that said, I'd personally avoid it. But your other cities here, I ...

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