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No, you can't use Bicing bikes. Only locals can use it, the membership card takes 15 days to arrive. The membership card is personal, and can't be lended. Also, you need a Spanish address, and you pay 48 euros for a whole year.


Yes you'll have to pay for your bike spot, but only if your trip includes a TGV segment. The map you're showing is for intercit├ęs which is another type of train and does not seem to run the route you want. If you search on the SNCF website with your itinerary you'll see you're allowed a free spot for the bike on the segment from Saint-Malo to Rennes, but ...


According to this site: Folding bikes - as long as they are folded - are considered luggage and can be taken free of charge any time of the day. Since a folding bike is considered as luggage, you can take it at any time. This is in common with other train transport systems, such as London transport.


The service is no longer active For more information, have a look to the aptly titled article Rome Shows the World How Not to Run Bike-Sharing Program also the link you provided says in bold letters SERVIZIO NON OPERATIVO which literally means "service not operational" and in practice means much worse, don't ever expect that service to function ...

3 has full coverage of Western Europe (and North America), based on OpenStreetMap data. It aims to have the detailed bike-friendly knowledge of a custom planner like CycleStreets, but with the fast response and draggable UI of Google Maps, and is designed to be particularly suitable for touring. It's based on the fast OSRM routing software, ...

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