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For UK based routes (this is where I think you are, judging by your profile) you can use CycleStreets. It’s also available as an app on most phone platforms (Apple, Android, Windows Phone). Input your start and end points then when you get a route select the "Quietest Route" tab. That should give you either cycle paths or quieter roads.


I've always quite liked - UK oriented but the map interface is OpenStreetMap based so can handle overseas as well. Website not an app, but may still be useful. It defaults to low-traffic-roads (calculated from known traffic data, not simply road classification) and includes a very useful height mapper display, so you can tweak a proposed ...


Take a look at GPSies, people share routes there and you can find one fitting your criteria. You may also like to combine it with and to select the most appropriate route.


I use Strava for ride route mapping, and it works okay. Some local knowledge helps avoid possible pitfalls. It doesn't specifically avoid main roads, but the "use popularity" switch will favour roads where cyclists go. You can also "minimise elevation" if you would rather go around than over something. Example - here's our planned lunchtime route at work ...


Partial answer: I assume you mean a tow hitch normally used for this, instead of an hook for this (because I never heard of bike racks for the latter one). Germany The empty hitch: If it obstructs the view to the license plate, it must be removed. There are no other "hard" rules. However, in an accident, if the hitch causes more damage than it would ...

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