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Some S-Bahn/U-Bahn lines operate all night long, at least on some days, and there is also a network of night busses. Otherwise, the regular S-Bahn service starts at 04:30 so depending on where you are staying the first S-Bahn (perhaps combined with a bus) could be solution. In addition to all the resources mentioned by EdmundYeung99, you can simply use the ...


Check out the Berlin Airport Public Transport Page S-Bahn Trains are your best bet (these run every 24 hours at 30 min intervals at night on weekends) S9 every 20 minutes (Pankow – Schönhauser Allee – Ostkreuz – Schöneweide – Adlershof – Flughafen Schönefeld) S45 every 20 minutes (Südkreuz – Neukölln – Baumschulenweg – Schöneweide – Adlershof – ...


Google Maps now supports mass transit navigation in Berlin, so there's no need to use external apps.

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