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'What are the chances': Impossible to say. Probably, if he's going in the general direction and is ok with picking up hikers, the chance of him stopping is good. 'Would it increase my chances if...': Probably. What really increases your chances is to not hold a sign and wait for people to stop, but to make sure you hike from gas station to gas station and ...


Google says that the road trip from Berlin to Nuremberg takes a bit over four hours. This does not count the time to get from your hotel in Berlin to the highway entry, and from the highway exit in Nuremberg to your hotel. It would be more realistic to make it 5-6 hours. I think you should make at most one stop between Berlin and Nuremberg, and you should ...


Pre-booked tickets can be significantly cheaper. And I mean significantly. I got some tickets for about a third of the normal price. So what if there is a strike - you still want to travel, best case you travel a bit later, worst case you get your money back. Booking later wouldn't help.

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