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You can book an "Underground Bunker Tour" here: Berliner Unterwelten. There are several options to see bunkers or subway tracks that ran from east to west with underground checkpoints at the fromer border. There is also the Gesundbrunnenbunker where you can book a tour. And you can see the Flakturm in the Humboldthain near by.


Take the RE7 Airport Express and do not take the S-Bahn. It stops very often it will take ages.


Use one of the bigger car rental companies. Usually you can rent a car in Germany and return it in Poland. Then stay for some days and get a car to return to Germany. Shouldn't be a problem in every bigger city. You need a drivers license that is valid in the EU!


You can reach the "Hauptbahnhof" from Tegel by riding the TXL-Bus (public transportation) which runs every 5 minutes. The fare is about 2.7€ and it will take about 15-20 minutes. Take a direct train to Leipzig from there. This is the Link to the german railway authority called Deutsche Bahn


I am living in Berlin Moabit which is very close to Tegel Airport. Since Tegel and Moabit are not that interesting at the first sight (which is what you catch when running I think), you should take the TXL-Bus (public transport / 2.8€) running every 10 min. from the airport to the inner city. Then you should jump off at U-Bhf Turmstraße (subwaystation) and ...


If you like walking or running, you will be very pleased to hear that unless walking is explicitly forbidden ("Kein Zutritt", "Privatgelände", no walking on Autobahns. please), you may walk or run everywhere in Germany and you will be able to reach practically every location by walking/running. As the others already said, the road is really, really boring, ...


Andra is right. It's possible, but the nearest vicinity of the airport is rather dull. Better take a bus for some stops. If you want to walk the whole distance, maybe head a bit east first, then south. As soon as you reach Moabit (around Beusselstr station) the walk is becoming more interesting.


Google maps says yes. I have done it once (walking, not running) and I didn't like the first part. I would recommend taking any bus into the city and getting out 2 or 3 stops from the airport.

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