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The Android App Öffi is really helpful to navigate public transport all around the german speaking countries in central europe.


An alternative to the BVG app mentioned in the other answer is Citymapper, which has a nicer interface. Google Maps also gives decent public transit directions.


The Berlin transport authority, the BVG, has an app for that for both iOS and Android. You can search timetables, find routes and use the phone as a ticket. They have links on their website


You'll find that in Berlin especially you won't be asked for your ticket whenever you board your bus or U-Bahn train. I wasn't asked for a ticket at any point, although it is polite to show it to your driver if you are boarding your bus at the front. Inspectors are often disguised though, on my U-Bahn to the airport the inspectors unzipped their jackets to ...


Berlin also has the Hop on Hop off sightseeing bus tours, which is a good way to get to the main tourist attractions without getting lost for not a lot of money. We found subways are great, but you don't see much.


You can find some good information on all the possible Berlin public transport tickets on their English language website here. They have a few different short time-period based tickets, which include various tourist discounts. The discounts may or may not be of interest. Otherwise, you can get a day ticket (Tagesticket) for the AB zones for €6.90. That'll ...


I have not been to Berlin but a short google search did get me a page about a travel pass that also gives free entry to some museums, with a page in English. The site gives the option to buy online, as well as telling you where you can buy the pass. I can not help you whether you need to activate the pass, but when you first enter any public transport hold ...


The rules depend on the specific place you want to park and are always posted there. The city districts are in charge of parking so the specifics differ from district to district. At the moment mostly only to park in the dark red zones of the map below you need a parking ticket (source). Of course the districts need some rules after which they model ...


Any answer to your question will of course be slightly opinion based, but if you are more into shopping and getting some food and not necessarily into seeing historical sights (both is probably not manageable in 7 hours anyway), you don't have too many options. I would have taken the 109 bus from Tegel to Adenauerplatz, located on the famous Kurfürstendamm ...


Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) is quite a bit outside the city and there is no direct train connections there - you'll have to take the bus and change to either S- or U-Bahn (S=faster trains, longer distances between stops; U=underground, fairly tightly mashed net). The local transport company is BVG and here you find their listing of routes etc by depature ...


Where exactly do you want to go in Berlin ? Here's the BVG, the transportation company for the Berlin area, there's a route planner on their home page There's an airport shuttle called TXL which operates every few minutes according to their website. You can buy tickets at the airport, any other S-Bahn or U-Bahn station and even on the bus or tram ...

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