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I have decided on Nuremberg due to the following reasons: I really want to visit Dresden, but it seems to worth more than 6 hours. I think I will lump it with my eventual Budapest-Vienna-Prague trip which is hopefully in 2016. Leipzig is near Dresden, so if time is available I can also lump it with my future travel as noted above. Bamberg seems to be a ...


In Berlin, the bigger problem is that there is no long-distance train station in any of the airports. In spite of the official website's rhetoric, Tegel is actually relatively poorly connected to the local and national transport networks, you need to take a bus to get anywhere, there isn't even a good S-Bahn or U-Bahn connection. Since it's much closer to ...


It really depends on your interest. There are a few things you only get in Nürnberg, others you only get in Leipzig or Bamberg. If transportation happens to be one of your interests, definitely Nürnberg. And definitely Nürnberg if it is in December (because of the Christmas market).


I've been to Bamberg - very nice medieval town with all the good stuff 5 minutes west of the station. Also been to Dresden. Things are a lot more spread out and harder to get to in 6 hours. I have a friend in Leipzig. The town is close enough to Berlin that you can go there on a different day if you really want.


I champion Leipzig. This year is a quarter of a century since (on 9 October 1989, exactly one month before the Berlin Wall came down) a significant step in the reunification of Germany. “over 70,000 citizens of Leipzig gathered on the inner ring road to protest against the communist regime, and the dam was finally broken: the security apparatus could no ...

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