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Having a “common format” residence permit from an EEA country does allow you to transit in the UK (see in particular pp. 7-9) even if you are a DATV national (which is the case of citizens of Ecuador). A common format residence permit looks like this.


Until quite recently, one option would've involved a night train. However, with the opening of the high speed line across the French-Spanish border, and the associated through TGV trains, the night trains no longer run between France and Spain. It's basically just daytime TGVs or local trains Your journey will be largely similar to one starting in the UK, ...


If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium. To each their own, but I think you're trying to do too much in too little time. You have 4 x 24 = 96 hours. If you manage to drive non-stop, that's at least 15-16 hours (I checked Google maps, but that's assuming you won't get stuck in traffic. You'll also have to sleep, eat, find a spot, set up the tent, and put ...


IDbus, Sofia Bus and Megabus all have a bus line between Amsterdam and Brussels. If you want to find the schedule with the cheapest price, check out Busbud Amsterdam Brussels route. Best deals start at 15€ from what I read.


I can't recommend the buses to anyone. They often get stuck in traffic, making it a tedious journey. I personally find hitchhiking more pleasant. But, if you make this journey regularly there are two good ways to spend much less on the train: use the Belgian Rail Pass. This gives you 10 rides in Belgium for one year. You can use one Pass with several ...


There is a bus line especially for that (crossing the border and connecting the two networks), called MWR for Mouscron-Wattrelos-Roubaix. As you suspected it does not go to Tourcoing but to Roubaix, where you can connect to the metro and the rest of the Lille area transit network. The problem is that the last bus service is even earlier than the last train. ...

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