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So, you have got a lot of questions there at once, let me address two of them I do know about. Netherlands In the Netherlands this has been possible for quite a while and was originally called paalkamperen (though it seems it has officially been renamed sometime in the past 2 years), however it must be noted that this is bound by a lot of rules. Most ...


There are a few coworking spaces for rent on Sharedesk for around 20EUR for the whole day. It may be possible to work at a cafe or the airport, but these spaces are more reliable in terms of comfort for getting work done and internet connection as well.


(Note: I am not connected to this company either as a client or employee, I simply found them via Google) It appears that Regus has some space available in Brussels for rent by the hour. There were several listed as Day Offices, Fully Equipped. Most were listed at either ~15 Euro or ~25 Euro.

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