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I'd say Lille (in Belgium they might call it Rijsel.) You can get there in 39 minutes with the fast trains and if you are lucky you do not need to pay more than 19 Euro, but 25 Euro is more likely. Those fast direct trains run hourly at least, there are also normal (less fast) trains which have no restriction on the number of tickets sold, but might require ...


You have previously overstayed a Schengen and your application was referred to the Belgian national authority. You then learned that a refusal is in the pipeline. Would it be wise to reapply for a visa to Belgium itself or should I apply it for some other Schengen country ? No, an individual's history of applications is recorded in a central database ...


Reservations are optional on most ICE trains, notably including those Cologne–Brussels. Since you are travelling first class, there will be seats available, so there will be no need to reserve.

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