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If you want to avoid Middelburg, you may travel like so by public transport: Train from Antwerpen Centraal to Gent St Pieters Train from Gent St Pieters to Knokke-Heist Duinbergen Short walk from the Duinbergen train station to the De Lijn bus station (10 min) Bus De Lijn 814 from Knokke-Heist to Breskens This should take you around 3h30, so only 30 ...


Basically you are asking about the outdoor activities in a region spanning half a country, where outdoor activities are the main tourist attraction. That is rather broad and you certainly won't find an exhaustive list. A starting point would be the Commissariat Général Au Tourisme of Wallonia: http://www.tourismewallonie.be. The site is in French and I ...


I checked the Belgian railway site for you and they mention that folding bikes are free of charge. The Flanders railway company 'de Lijn' has a mention of bikes on their Dutch language site, in short you can take a folded bike for free if you do not bother other passengers but no full size bikes at all. Als u de andere reizigers niet hindert, mag u wel ...


Since the closing of Railtime (the API used for NMBS/SNCB by among other Google Maps), now all public transport in Belgium searched with Google Maps will only feature buses and trams.

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