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As far as visas are concerned, a type D visa gives you rights similar to a type C short-stay visa to be present in Shengen outside the issuing state for 90 of every 180 days. However, also like a short-stay visa it does not give you any right to work outside the issuing state. The Belgian authorities may consider your internship to be work (I don't know how ...


Weather in that part of Belgium is always mild but mostly colder than you are used to. It can rain any day of the year but it will not rain every day and most of the time it will not rain all day either. Temperatures range from -10 to +30 C, but in October it is most likely to be in the +5 to +15 range. How warm it will be depends on the actual weather and ...


From the website of the TEC: Vous disposez d'une carte MOBIB d'un autre opérateur (SNCB, STIB, De Lijn) ? Vous pouvez charger sur cette carte un titre de transport TEC en vous rendant dans un ESPACE TEC ou à un SELF (automate de vente). Si vous souhaitez acheter un titre via l'E-SHOP ou via EASY PAY, vous devez d'abord vous rendre dans un ...


I think this is what you are looking for : http://en.ardennes-etape.be/tourism-in-the-ardennes. I have used the site mainly in the past to book cottages, but it contains a lot of information about activities.

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