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I've been to Sihanoukville in Cambodia and stayed in a resort that was a decent way out of the town - great food, good service (it's run by Australians). Somewhat not useful in that I cannot remember the name of the hotel (so sorry!) but I recommend the coast of Cambodia, incredibly peaceful and cheap.


Here are the actions I might take in your shoes. In descending order of preference, and to avoid bad consequences, they are: Have food for the boy (purchased from the outside) when he visits your cabin. Have money for the boy when he visits your cabin. Some buffetts will allow you to take away partially eaten food. If so, I would "take one ...


First, you did a good thing, there was no comeback, and so it's all good. But I want to answer your more general question for other people in that situation, Many buffets have and explicit 'no leftovers no sharing' policy, if they don't make it explicit up front then they undoubtedly will if you start abusing the buffet. So while sneaking someone a few ...


Let's not overthink this, there are two main issues here: Getting the food: As long as the food you are getting is yours (you paid for it or it is included in the package and allowed to take) then you are not doing anything wrong, if in doubt, ask the buffet people permission to take away some food, if they refuse, pay for it if you want to do good for the ...


I would recommend Kumano in southern Mie Prefecture, located about four hours south of Nagoya (Location in Google Maps). I spent five years living very close to here and, based on familiarity with the area and its offerings, can recommend it to you! It satisfies all of your criteria: We love rocky beaches, nature hikes, history, the smell of ocean air, ...


My wife and I used an Aquavault, secured it right onto the boat rail or rope when we were out diving, found it online on Amazon, cool product, great quality.

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