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I stayed in Tailana in end of June 2015. There is currently a very small resort with 5 or 6 bungalows, each welcoming at least 2 people. The place is run by 3 locals who are quite nice. The price for the accommodation is 100'000 IDR. If you want food (3 meals per day) & drinks (soft) included, then add another 100'000 IDR per person. So for 2 people in ...


They are called "groynes". A great addition to anyone's vocabulary http://onelook.com/?w=groyne&ls=a It is pronounced the same way as groin (i.e., as a diphthong that rhymes with 'loin'). Briefly, they are man-made structures designed to break the waves and thereby prevent erosion of the coast. They are all over the Med in places where the tide ...

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