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Generally the queues are very long. My wife and I have been there in March, which is absolutely not a tourist season and we still would have had to wait for up to 2.5 hours in some places, if I wouldn't have booked the tickets online. It's generally advisable to do so, print them at home and take them with you (even though most hotels offer access to ...


July and August are rainy season for SE Asia, except for Indonesia which lies on the other side of the equator. And as you discovered it is typhoon season, though westerly located countries like Thailand and Myanmar are not usually impacted by typhoon (they tend to lose power as they cross SE Asia's land mass). Beach holidays will be subject to occasional ...


This is a photo of Gray Whale Cove State Beach, taken from the Pacific Coast Highway.


This looks a lot like Gray Whale Cove State Beach in California, just south of San Francisco. Your picture (while certainly 'photoshopped' to some degree) seems to have been taken from a similar viewpoint to the one tiny picture in image gallery on the California Parks & Recreation page for this location.


While I cannot identify the specific beach, that area looks very much like the California coast, especially the Devil's Slide section just south of San Francisco, in its ruggedness and the presence of the ice-plants, the whited rock, the fog, and the road (which would be Route 1) running along the cliff. (Wikipedia photo of Devil's Slide) The landscape ...

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