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As with most things about travel in the U.S., the answer varies from state to state and from city to city. Yes, broadly speaking, it's possible to travel in the United States without paying for lodging, but I would not say it is especially easy or comfortable. There are many campsites where the fee is quite nominal (under $20), budget motels in rural areas, ...


Angistri island is 55 mins away from the port of Piraeus with a flying dolphin. For timetables and prices, see here. I have no personal experience to be honest, but browsing on flickr photos it looks clean! Just my 2 cents ;-)


The island of Euboea (Greek: Εύβοια, Evvia) driving-distance from Athens. Indeed, its main town Chalcis (or Chalkida) (Greek: Χαλκίδα, Halkida) is approximately 1 hour away from Athens, according to google maps. The island is scattered with beaches, some of which are quite amazing. For more inspiration, here is a top 5 list from the Greek Reporter, and here ...


Apparently there are images of these beaches being polluted with the oil but reports say so far no official closing of the beaches as stated in the other answer of @pnuts Tasartico Beach Guguy Beach Veneguera Beach Lo Seco Beach Tasarte Beach Meloneras Beach and finally there is a video of frustrated citizens trying to clean the beach: Youtube Video ...

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