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The majority of the Taxi companies in Basel have a 24h service. A couple of examples: 33er Taxi AG mini-cab Taxi-Zentrale


Uber POP (aka UberX) is available in Basel, and estimates CHF 14-18 for the journey.


To add to the answer of @andra. I looked at the websites of the taxi companies of Basel. While again, there is no explicit mention of it, one of the companies specifically states as their motto: Der Shuttle Dienst im Dreiländereck Schweiz, Frankreich & Deutschland This translates to "The shuttle service in the triple-point Switzerland, France and ...


I couldn't figure out with a decent bit of certainty if taxis do indeed cross the Swiss/French border in Basel happily. All the websites point to taxi services to and from the Euro Airport, and these seem to be split between the French and Swiss sides of the arrival exits. You can try calling any of the French taxi services listed to check if they do indeed ...

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