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Sometimes it is difficult to park in Barcelona, but there are some tips. I would recommend you to visit how to park in Barcelona Very well explained. You can park in green or blue areas, where you have to pay per hour, but normally is free if you park from 8:00 pm to 7:00 am, so you can leave the car there and pick it up in the morning. There are free ...


Last time I was in Barcelona I parked next to the Sagrada Familia and spent 15 EUR for 24 hours. This is the underground car park at the Sagrada Familia market, which worked perfectly for me. Otherwise, if this is too expensive for you, Parkopedia has several options ranging from 12 to 36 EUR for 6 hours. The 12 EUR option is the AparcaandGo parking at the ...


The other answers are all things you should do first, but if all else fails, and you have no access to a phone or a computer, almost all international airports have a 'travellers aid' or similarly named desk, who are there to handle situations like this. Talk to them. They will speak English and will almost certainly book a hotel for you.


There is a list of hotels close to the airport on the airport's official site. You can try to call them, otherwise they most probably will be able to help you at any information point. Also tripadvisor shows a list of hotels close to the airport.


Will you have a smartphone? Many hotel booking sites (Hipmunk, Kayak,, Expedia, hotwire, etc...) have mobile apps and/or websites that work on mobile phones. You can also find hotels online and call them to make a reservation. Most hotels in Barcelona should have someone who speaks English to assist you. Or, if you were just staying in ...

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