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Castells go normally attached with festivities around Catalonia. Since these occur in summer, you are definitely going to have the opportunity to see them. People doing this go throughout cities and they even have competitions. The most important groups are from cities in Tarragona, like for example Vilafranca del Pened├Ęs and Valls (full ranking from this ...


1) Yes, Vueling transfer the luggage automatically for connecting flights according to question 7 in their customer service FAQ. 2) Yes, you should be able to get out of the airport and into the city. (You could do this even without a multi-entry Schengen visa, as you're not leaving Schengen in going from Italy to Spain.) All of those transport methods work,...


Assuming a non-US date of 3 June, according to flightstats it arrived at 21:14, 214 minutes late. It was scheduled to arrive at 17:40. Runway arrival was 21:09, but that is not relevant for EU261 compensation purposes. According to recent rulings (and perhaps earlier ones too!), arrival time means the time the doors open on arrival at the gate.

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