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Really, there's no need to mail them about it. Just deal with it when you get there - it may not even be a problem. Then, when you get there, IF there is none, ask the staff. Either it's missing and they forgot to put some there, and they'll refill it. Or, they'll be used to non-Bangladeshis asking about this, and will offer you some suggestions. Even if ...


Ley lines by definition are just alignment of objects or natural elements in a fortuitous line. They are a classic example of apophenia; seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. So yes, there 'are' ley lines in Bangladesh, you just have to find some natural items which are in a convenient line, and thus, you have your ley ...


Your post is pretty apt. I have driven all around Asia without a license actually. But, the good thing is Bangladesh accepts International Driving Permit. So, that's what you should apply for (to drive there).


The answer at least as far as Delta is concerned is simple and is listed under Special Items Section of the baggage handling page it also refers to page from TSA on security regulations. So it is as simple as declaring it and following the regulations listed Shooting Equipment Shooting equipment is allowed as checked baggage only. It must fit ...

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