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First I'm Thai and I'm from Bangkok so I know the cost of living there pretty well. You can get an 'OK' apartment around 4,000 - 5,000 bath around Lad Prao MRT or somewhere further and you can walk. It's going to be very expensive if you want to find somewhere around 'Siam' or 'Si Lom' because it's quite central. For the safety, I would say it depends if ...


I think you should start by looking at these several websites which could help you compare the cost of living in one city in comparison to another. The best one I have found and used for my travels (it has been quite accurate in its findings) is Expatistan. Another good site is Numbeo. They have also provided me with resonable numbers in the past. Even ...


They're still accepting the extension applications at temporary centres, see this Lonely Planet forum thread. I can't comment on how long it will take though as I haven't done it myself.

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