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edit Thanks @DumbCoder for the link to the New Indian Express article about Chennai taxis and Ola Money. In the specific case of Ola, it seems the complaint is late payment; even though the driver is supposed to be credited within two working days of the transaction, apparently Ola has not been timely, sometimes not paying them for almost a week. Overall, ...


Taxi drivers dont like payment through OLA because more of their income shows up on papers and that would eventually lead to more income tax. Most taxi drivers dont even file income tax returns and paying payments through such platforms would eventually bring them into the tax net hence the resistance. There is another reason that is hard for many people to ...


I tried to find this specific limitation on airline sites in India and I wasn't able to. If you are under the prescribed weight limit, I cannot foresee any problem with carrying 3 laptops in domestic flights.


Your math is wrong. The first 4 items added together gives a pre-surcharge price of 319.23. The "Peak Pricing charge" that was added is 255.38, which is 0.8x of the above 319.23. Thus you were only charge 1.8x the base rate, not 2.8x as you have claimed.

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