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As russian, I should mention other firm, much more popular here in Russian: Baikal Dreams They have a good set of offers, including Eco projects with volunteer work (linked above), and more traditional tours. I think you should check the Active tours to Baikal - if they are offering the climbing tour, they definitely can provide a tour with boat :) Even ...


Unfortunately, can't provide any english-language links. Try to contact this firm, they have amazing pack of offers, such as tour to the Lake Khövsgöl on horse or even hunting! You'll stay in lovely houses like this, they have sattelite TV there and traditional Mongolian furniture:


Choose Irkutsk as home base. Travel to Olkhon island and rent a boat from there (cheaper) and/or join some group for a day boat trip. Using a boat to go from the west to the east coast is more exciting and quicker, but not cheaper. Public hydrofoil goes on every Monday in July and August. Departure Olkhon (Khuzir village) at 5pm; arrives Ust-Barguzin three ...


Not sure about the Lake Khövsgöl but Baikal is pretty easy to get to. There is a lot of tours being operated in the area and there is a major city which you can fly, drive, train ride into to get started. And little did I know about this hotel which looks to be right on the lake.

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