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If you only want to buy a one-way ticket to China and worry about getting the other one-way ticket when you want to leave, buy both tickets now, but have the return trip be refundable. Then, when you get to China, you can show proof of onward travel at immigration, and then later at your hotel/hostel/wherever, you can just cancel it. Then you can buy a ...


I recently did something similar, and that included some Asian countries, including China. First hand experience: Flexible tickets tend to be much more expensive than a round trip fixed fare. I'm not sure which Airline you are flying, but Turkish Airlines, Kuwait Airlines, and Emirates are likely. All three Airliners have these flexible option, but in my ...


Generally speaking, you will need to have proof of onward travel within the time limit set by your visa to enter China. Airlines are preferred, though I personally have never had issues at the overland Hong Kong crossings without proof of onward travel. But on the flip side, I know people who have, and where you enter the country makes a difference in this ...


Even if flexible return tickets are more expensive, it could be cheaper than two One-Way tickets, due to the way how airlines calculate their OW fares. You could also try to get a good fare which is not completely restricted (e.g. changing the date for a fee like 100$), which could still be cheaper than flexible ones, even if you add the fee.

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