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There are special rules for it, the official site has a special page for this. Basically as long as you have an invitation or ticket for the event, you get a visa on arrival.


I don't think its possible. When we went there last year they insisted on placing a full-page sticker visa into our passports. You might be lucky, but I don't think there is an official way to get it done.


Here's some first hand experience (I visited the region a few weeks ago). Visiting Armenia is not a problem for Azerbaijan, nor is it the other way around. What is a problem, is having a visa for Nagorno-Karabakh (NKR) in your passport when you want to visit Azerbaijan. Indeed, at best, you will not be let in to Azerbaijan. It is said that NKR has no ...


According to this blog, you should try to avoid visit both countries with the same passport. If you get two passports (Israel and USA, for example), try to get into one country by one of them, and to other with other passport (as author of the blog did). The main problem is possible visiting of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. It is a crime in Azerbaijan (illegal ...


Yes this is possible 100%. I just came back from a visit to Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh. The visa agent at Nagorno Karabagh will ask you if you want to have the visa on a separate paper. This is very common since most foreign visitors will prefer it this way. That was my experience. If one agent forgets to ask just ask it yourself, they are willing to do ...


It turns out the information is indeed on the Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, just the link does not stand out well and the page contains at least one other broken link. The countries applying the visa-free regime page has a section II group. For the holders of any kind of passports (Diplomatic, service, (official/special) and ...


Am also struggling to find any info on it. Some hotel costs from the area are observed on a blog of the region. I also love the fact that one of the hotels of the region has the song 'Hotel California' playing on their website...


AzAL would probably not classify itself as a low cost airline, but offers very good rates to destinations in the region. http://www.azal.az/ There are several low cost airlines that serve the region. But keep in mind the Caucasus is quite a distance away from Europe, if that's where you're coming from. Meaning that the cost of flying there will be a bit ...


You might be able to get a second passport from your Government. Some, like the UK, do this due to this problem.


Well, I did the trip today. Here goes: There are indeed minibusses scheduled from Sheki to Balakan at 1010 and 1400. I took the 1010 minibus. This minibus that was supposed to go to Balakan (as told by the clerk at the bus station and agreed to by the driver) actually only went as far sa Zaqatala. Here, I was bundled into another minibus, that did go to ...


Wikitravel's article on Sheki (aka Shaki) seems to make it at least somewhat clear: (Balakan is the border town, about 12km from the crossing with Georgia.) By taxi: A taxi is also a fine, if more expensive, way to get to Georgia, and you should have no trouble finding a taxi, bus, or marshrutka onward from the border at Lagodekhi to Tbilisi. By Minibus ...


Check the relevant page on most Azeri embassy websites. Here's the one for the embassy in Holland: http://www.azembassy.nl/index.php?options=news&id=13&news_id=178 In short: With an invite (press, say) or ticket (the public), you can get a visa for Azerbaijan upon entering the country through one of the international airports. You can not get a ...


Dörtyol Ticaret Merkezi Misafirhanesi, which apparently means "trade centre guesthouse" had a room with shared bathroom available for 12 Azeri manat as of August last year. That's about 11 euro or $15 USD currently. This comes from somebody calling themself "MoonStarFarAway" on a site called travbuddy.com Apparently the cheapest option according to the ...


The David Gareja monastery area is very close to the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan, a few hundred meters away. If you went wandering in the hills, it's quite possible that you might enter Azerbaijan. The border is disputed. While the two countries agree on where the official border lays, Georgia contends that this location was artificially imposed ...


According to the Ministry of Foreign Afairs of Azerbaijan I think it should only cost $40 USD if you get it in advance.


Buses are leaving from the Ortachala bus station 4 buses a week 20 Lari from Tbilisi to Baku Source: OnTheStreet For times and confirmation of the service, I would still go over to the bus station. The Lonely Planet page for Tbilisi also mentions buses from Marneuli (30km south of Tbilisi) to Baku.


It's apparently not the case, except if you have a letter of invitation from the State Migration Service. Wikipedia also points to this list of diplomatic missions of Azerbaijan.

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