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US laws vary by state, but in general you will be required to have a minimum of liability insurance. I'm not sure exactly how to get US liability insurance for a foreign vehicle, but I would check with the major insurance carriers (GEICO, Progressive, State Farm, etc) I know that the US allows Mexican vehicles, but I don't know the procedure. I don't know ...


Bratislava's municipal parking company provides a map of the resident-only parking zone. Parking there generally requires either a resident's permit (which you obviously won't have) or an hourly fee. ] Therefore your best bet is to park a little bit to the west of the UFO bridge, where the resident parking zone ends. One example is Zizkova street.


Just a tip to all, don't hire a car in the UK if you're young and on a budget. The prices are fine for adults, but as soon as you sign a declaration stating you're under the age of 25, your premium, insurance costs, etc. go through the roof, you'll end up paying MORE for the insurance than for the original car/payment (including deposits and insurances).


It is indeed true that you can buy insurance at the border when entering Kosovo. The reason being that Kosovo is not a member of the Green Card system. The Kosovo Insurance Bureau has a page on border insurance listing the border entry points where you can purchase insurance: There are a total of 13 points of sale for border insurance policies, namely: ...


Nothing in the Port Authority's JFK parking rates and information page says anything about parking being reserved for passengers; certainly, I have never seen or heard of anyone being asked to present a boarding pass or other proof that you are there to do business at the airport. But if you're coming from Virginia to go to a show in Manhattan, parking at ...


Driving around Iceland is a VERY good idea. :) How many days should I spend in Reykjavik if I will stay in Iceland 3 weeks? Is it worth to stay there more than 2 days? Well... it depends. Yes, there's enough to do and see in Reykjavik to stay tehre for more than 2 days. However, if you came to Iceland because of the scenic landscape, then you won't ...

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