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Insurance from the Car Rental Company Typically car rental agreements include insurance, which cover damages to the vehicle if used according to the terms and agreement. This doesn't mean that you won't pay anything if you damage the car. Indeed these often require the signatory to pay a non-waivable excess, regardless of the actual entity and value of the ...


The main cost of travelling by car are the cost associated with owning or renting a car. As you do not own a car, you will have to calculate with the rental costs. In the UK, the main factor in the cost of train tickets is whether you book in advance and accept that you are restricted to just one train or want the freedom to decide on the day and buy your ...


Ferries generally follow a timetable (departing and arriving et predetermined times) and a specific route. Google Maps has a database of the known ferry routes that contains the lengths of various routes, the time can easily be calculated from the timetable. Both numbers are then included in the driving directions.


As well as the option to ignore the ticket or pay the fine, you have the option to contest the ticket. There are several ways to do this. One is to simply write back to the people who sent you the ticket and explain that you do not believe you committed the offence. Most traffic tickets have a form to return, and an option to contest it. If you can give ...


Once you have entered the complex there is zilch facilities for re-fuelling. Either fill up before entering or wait until you get to France - there is a petrol station on the left as you leave the complex. BTW be wary about carrying reserves - the EuroTunnel site explains better what you can carry as a reserve.


Option 1: Do not pay. Nothing will happen. The fine will increase to around double that, and then they will either just cancel it or expedite it to a collection agency. For that small amount, the costs grossly outweigh the benefits. Going after you financially in your home country is very very unrealistic – no matter what various morally high horse ...


I don't know if it counts as “scenic” but there is something significant and timely you can find all along this route: World War I battlefields and cemeteries. A few suggestions: Douamont Ossuary and the Verdun battlefield The Somme, between Bapaume, Albert and Péronne Chemin des Dames Destroyed villages in the Meuse area It can be quite moving and ...

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