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Sometimes while travelling, tourists need to 'stock up' on a variety of items. Other times one family member may be attending a business meeting and the other family members need to kill a few hours until the family is reunited again. If a place is new and there are language barriers, it is natural for people in some cultures to contemplate what they would ...


Linz is located in the centre of Europe, lying on the Paris–Budapest west–east axis and the Malmö–Trieste north–south axis. The Danube is the main tourism and transport connection that runs through the city.


At Swiss train stations, there are blue information tables on the platforms that tell, for each long distance train, the train number in addition to the exact composition. They're usually located next to the yellow time tables (apologies for potato quality): Of course, you also find the information in paper timetables, the online timetable and mobile ...

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