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When you applied for your Schengen visa, you had to explain the premise of your visit and to provide supporting documentation. If you try to use your visa for a completely different purpose, you may be refused entry. Example: If you have a single entry Schengen visa for all states from Italy for a tourist trip to Italy and Greece and show up at the ...


You have a type "C" single-entry Schengen visa issued by Austria for a student programme there. does that mean i can visit other other schengen countries during my travel? Yes, of course you may. A single entry Schengen initializes at the time of your entry into the zone and is fully consumed when you exit the zone. There are no controls within the ...


It is impossible to say. Granting or denying a visa is often a subjective decision made by a consular employee and not based on well-defined rules leading to a 'yes' or 'no' decision. Assuming that you have enough savings to finance your holiday, in case of a Schengen visa you are required to produce further documentation, e.g.: 'information enabling an ...


Kompass are great: Switch layer to Summer/Winter in top right to see the details like marked trails and contours (otherwise it shows Open Street Map with less details). There are even winter ski tours there.

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