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Renting Winter-Equipped Cars in Italy I think it is actually possible to rent a car, equipped for winter road travel, in Italy. Indeed, Hertz agrees with me: To help you enjoy safer, more reliable and more comfortable journeys, we offer a range of winter driving accessories: Winter tyres - for significantly improved handling and stopping ...


In Austria (and in Germany!), it's actually not mandatory to have winter tires or any form of special equipment if the road is in good conditions. The rule only kicks in in “winter conditions” (“winterliche Fahrbahnverhältnisse”), i.e. if there is actually snow or ice on the pavement. Except if you are driving in the middle of the night on a day with heavy ...


Are you sure that the Italian car rental agency does not offer cars with winter tires? I really doubt that, because also in Italy it gets very cold in the winter and there will be snow on the roads. Maybe the cars have all year tires? Have you already talked to the car rental agency? Considering the vignette: In Switzerland you pay 40 Swiss francs for 1 ...


Can you check with rental companies if they offer Snow Chains as an option? If not, you may buy them yourself (prices start from 50-60 euros). According to austria.info "Mandatory Winter Equipment" , you should be ok since winter tires or tire chains are required only if winter conditions arise. You can mount them at occurrence. Be aware that a "vignette" ...


A similar cheap prepaid SIM in Hungary could be Bluemobile in Lidl stores. You might try Tesco stores for their service or bigger service providers as Vodafone. Buying SIM cards in Hungary need registration of personal data, so a passport or ID must be at hand.


Once you search for the terms "wanderkarte" and "österreich", you can find those online: Bergfex has height meters, height profiles etc. maps.wandern.at has even more information such as lengthy descriptions and photos. And here is a blog where people list sightings of Ibex in Austria frmo 2010-2013.

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