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In Germany, there are two options that you might use: A Reisemobil-Stellplatz is an officially designated area where you can spend the night in your vehicle, theoretically it's inteded only for RVs. However, many of them also allow cars and I doubt you'd be turned away with a car that you actually intend to sleep on. There are websites such as this and ...


It does not cover all the regular busses in the country but postbus.at is the main operator and does operate busses you could use. Unfortunately, it's not a part of the national train company (ÖBB) and the website therefore also includes trains, which is why busses do not show up in the search results for this particular journey… rome2rio is another site ...


According to the official EU website: In addition to their own valid passport or ID card, all children travelling: alone; or with adults who are not their legal guardian; or with only one parent may need an extra (official) document signed by their parents, second parent or legal guardian(s) authorising them to travel. You should first ...


The "Member state of first entry" will be Austria because that's where you will pass through immigration.


Almost every hostel I've checked on hostelbookers had a kitchen on offer (exception: AOHostel). But the kitchen may be far from what you expect. I was staying in Westend Hostel, a very nice place anyway, but the 'kitchen' there was a microwave and an electric kettle in the common room. There were plates, spoons etc. so you could eat packaged dinners from ...


While in Germany if you're driving in the Autobahn you can park and sleep overnight in any Raststation‎. You also have toilets in the morning, they cost about 70 eurocents. I've already done it a few times with no problems. Once I slept in a car parking in Köln, near the river, but it is not allowed in the city. I don't remember the exact source of this ...


You can use the DayPass M which includes 50 MB for one day and costs 2.95 EUR. It's the only roaming data package for T-Mobile prepaid cards that you can use in Austria.


YES AND NO. Yes - the SIM card will work in Austria, but NO, you cannot use your normal flatrate. Aldi talk also offers EU Internet Paket 60 but it has only 60MB for 1 week and costs 4.99 EUR and EU Sprach Paket 60 which has 60 Minutes for 1 week and costs also 4.99 EUR.


It depends upon what you mean by 'downtown'; and where Vienna is concerned, the season you plan to visit... About a 15 minute walk north of the Franz-Joseph train station lies the old village of Grinzing. It' on a hill overlooking Vienna and the Danube. On and off the main street, Cobenzgasse, you'll find an abundance of charming restaurants featuring ...


All telecom operators in Europe provide pretty much the same roaming rates. I would suggest getting three separate cards for all three countries: Austria Czech Republic - get a prepaid Vodafone card Germany Otherwise just buy a sim-card in Austria and be ready to pay the roaming rates from the first link.


I can highly recommend the restaurant "Immervoll" (tripadvisor). It is a very hidden place, and easily to walk past if you do not know it is there. It serves excellent food, but is much cheaper than a "gourmet" restaurant. I have eaten there numerous times over years and was never disappointed. It is also located VERY centrally in Vienna. A word of ...


Get an unlocked phone at home - it will probably be cheaper, but more importantly easier to comparison shop and take your time to get familiar with the phone . There are many providers of relatively cheap prepaid SIM cards in Germany, which all offer international roaming and due to EU regulations prices for this have become much more reasonable. However, ...

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