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I used to be travelling a lot by railjet, and the maximum delay I got was 30 minutes, and that happened only once, altogether. (It was around when the immigrants came in and rushed on the train). I took the railjet mostly from Budapest to Wien and backwards, and about twice a month from Salzburg to Budapest and back. I think it is reliable, but its mostly my ...


I have unfortunately no statistics on the Railjets being on time. However, I have an answer to the second part of your question: If that train doesn't go [...] will my ticket be valid for the 13:08-18:19? If it is expected that the first train that will leave after the departure time as printed on your ticket, will arrive at least one hour after the ...


According to Rome2Rio you can go by train from Bregenz to Feldkrich, and then either by next train (8 minutes) or by bus (40 minutes). Bus from Feldkirch to Vaduz leaves every 30 minutes, it goes to Vaduz center: ÖBB website I can't find pricing information though. In LIEmobil I paid with CHF, but I was going from Switzerland.

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