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You can fly via Mexico City, a simple momondo search shows that you can buy one way tickets for 385 USD or return tickets for 611 USD on some random dates that I tried, take your time and find the most suitable connections for yourself.


Comparing with the Italian Passport Both ordinary and frequent traveller Australian passports do indeed seem to cost more than the Italian passport. As of the 19th May 2010 the Italian government issues one single passport format for ordinary citizens. This is an electronic passport, with biometrics, consisting of 48 pages with a 10-year validity. As of ...


There still are no direct flights from the USA to Cuba. While diplomatic relations on an upswing, US carriers still don't serve the island. You would have to route yourselves via Mexico, Panama, Grand Caymans, Bahamas, etc. As you are coming via the west coast and she is coming from the east, it would be less flying if she went via a Caribbean nation and ...

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